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3 Benefits of Adding Lighting To Your Pool

A swimming pool can be an excellent addition to any home, enhancing its curb appeal. However, one of the most overlooked and important considerations you must make first is pool lighting, especially if you have young children. 

As outdoor temperatures rise, you may be dreaming about a swimming pool installation in your backyard. Not only will this allow you to create an inviting oasis for your family and friends to enjoy, but adding a swimming pool to your outdoor area can have many benefits, including:

  • it will enhance your home’s value and aesthetic appeal
  • a swimming pool encourages exercise and activity, keeping your family healthy
  • it improves your mental health and mood
  • it helps you and your family get better sleep

Our Calgary Electricians Help Install Your Swimming Pool Lighting Safely

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our qualified electricians are experienced in working with different electrical devices and can help you install your indoor, outdoor, and swimming pool lighting safely and quickly, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your home.

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3 Reasons Why Proper Swimming Pool Lighting is Important

There are many benefits to owning a swimming pool. However, during the planning stages, pool lighting often gets overlooked although it is extremely important, mainly for the sake of safety.

To do this safely, you must hire a professional electrician who is experienced in working with electrical devices in swimming pools to ensure you get the safest, most functional results. No matter the size or design of your pool, here are some benefits of installing pool lighting:

  • Pool lighting enhances your pool’s appearance. Lights in or around your pool create a magical and ethereal glow that can transform your plain pool into a peaceful oasis at night. This also adds to your pool’s curb appeal to potential buyers later on, should you choose to sell your property.

  • Pool lighting increases swimming safety. This is an important consideration, especially if you have children and your family likes to swim at night. Having the proper lighting for evening swims will allow you to easily see your little ones throughout their swim and will prevent people from unexpectedly falling in at nighttime.

  • Pool lighting is affordable. If you want to amp up the appearance of your pool without costly renovations, pool lighting is the perfect choice for improving its aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank. (Talk to us today >)


4 Types of Pool Lighting

If you are deciding to add pool lighting, there are many different types of lighting to consider depending on your decor, budget, and lifestyle. Here are four you may want to consider:

Pool-deck lighting: Lighting your pool deck has a great functional purpose that increases the beauty and safety of the entire space surrounding your pool. Some ways you can do this include adding outdoor lamps or discreet walkway lighting.

LED lighting: Due to their eco-friendly features, adding LED lights to your pool area is a popular choice. LED lights are cost-effective, attractive, and practical. They can be added to the interior or exterior of your pool or even both!

Underwater lighting. Installing underwater lights in your pool can give you that ‘wow factor’. It will transform your pool into a glowing lagoon at night and it’s excellent for swimming safety because it adds so much visibility to the interior of the pool.

Colour changing lights: Mood lighting that changes colours automatically is a unique option that makes for a fun type of pool lighting. They are great for parties, kids love them, and they also increase the safety of nighttime swimming.


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