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The New Era of LED Lighting in Calgary

Overview: The light from the sun shines yellow, but when viewed from space, it’s a bright white colour. It appears that Calgary has taken notice and is moving into the space age! Read the following blog to find out about the city changing over to LED lighting.

With phase one complete the City of Calgary is moving onto phase two of switching street lights to LED fixtures. The city has already changed 2,500 street lights in five different communities and that leaves only 77,500 left to be changed over. The city wants to have all of Calgary shining with LED by 2018.

The original street lights are high-pressure sodium bulbs that gave communities in Calgary a yellow glow. Besides being more energy efficient, LED lighting shines light directly to the pavement below. The old fixtures would appear like yellow halos hanging in the sky, since they would light up the air around the bulbs.

Although the new LED lighting around Calgary is going to create greater visibility at night and a cooler ambiance, the city estimates that the new fixtures will reduce electricity consumption by 55 per cent. Lighting up the city is both aesthetically pleasing and fiscally responsible!

By converting to LED fixtures in five communities (Phase 1) the city has seen how the lighting works in new areas versus older areas. They have learned what adjustments might be needed for older communities that will have fixtures retrofitted in the next two years. It’s expected that newer communities will have a smooth transition into the era of LED lighting.

The Bottom Line:

The days of faded yellow lights on the streets and communities of Calgary are coming to an end. With energy efficient LED fixtures, the city will save money and look a lot cooler. Imagine the possibilities if you change over your own lighting system! Doesn’t matter if you’re changing the lighting of a big metropolitan city or your place of business, Fluorescent Man Lighting can install all of your lighting needs.

For more information on any of our lighting services in Calgary, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting today on 403-863-8529.

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