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3 Benefits of Investing in Outdoor Lighting Services for Your Tenants

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There are many things to consider when investing in your rental property. Do you update the kitchen, invest in brighter, more efficient indoor lighting, or install exterior lighting around your building/ rental home? While there are arguably many benefits to each of these options, we expect there is an endless list of “next” projects to do around your rental property. That is why we have come up with three concrete reasons why outdoor lighting services make the most significant impact on your tenant’s experience.

Why Lighting Services Are Worth The Plunge

If you're considering renovating or investing in upgrades for your rental property, here are 3 reasons why you should prioritize outdoor lighting services. As a landlord, lighting services can be appealing for the ways to attract tenants to your rental, keep good tenants happy and improve your home value while saving you money. Keep reading for 3 reasons why lighting services are worth the investment.

Our Licensed Electricians Provide Safe and Quick Commercial And Residential Lighting Services 

At our Calgary lighting company, our fully licensed electricians have the training and equipment to meet all your needs. Whether you require exterior lighting services, a lighting upgrade in your commercial space or home office, an exterior sign repair, or you want to make your home/business more energy-efficient with an LED retrofit, we have you covered. 

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1. The Right Lighting For Glowing First Impressions

When it comes to investing in your property value, it may be a surprise how underrated outdoor commercial lighting services can be. Lighting services can make or break the first impression of your property in the mere time it takes to locate it and walk to the front door. Stand out on the street and the rental market with these three benefits of investing in lighting services for your property.

It all starts with finding the right tenant, and any prospective renters will want to come by and see the property. Most people only have time after work in the evening, which can make it hard to get an idea of the dwelling’s exterior and surroundings in the dark. Welcome renters with illuminated pathways, or at the very least motion lighting, at the front door so tenants won’t have to fumble for their phone flashlight and keys to get inside. Tripping or slipping hazards leading up to the house are a sure recipe for disgruntled tenants, especially with groceries and kids in tow.

Lighting services can also help to showcase unique character elements or living features of your property by washing a glow over gazebos, crafted architectural elements such as archways or greenery. Not only can the proper lighting bring a character charm to a residence, but it can also make tenants feel more at home and functionally more inviting.

2. Illuminate The Possibilities Of Outdoor Living With Thoughtful Lighting

Highlight additional outdoor space and features while selling the idea of bigger living spaces by extending the living areas to the outdoors. When considering lighting services, you’ll want to consider from which lighting your dwelling could benefit. When you contemplate your lighting needs, consider lighting suited to tasks such as a walkway or back door illumination. You may also want to consider outdoor accent lighting to fill out shadows and areas while keeping the ambiance cozy and organic. 

In Calgary, where we have only a brief summer window, entice renters by selling them a few extra hours in the evening. Let them imagine spending time outside reading, cuddling, and enjoying the warm air even after dark. Outdoor lighting can make an outside area seem established and functional and helps a prospective renter envision a furnished space where they can see themselves spending time. 

3. Home, Safe Home

The third and perhaps most important aspect of home lighting services is safety and security for residents. A well-lit home can deter thieves or criminals from lurking on your property as well as give your tenants increased peace of mind when walking up to their home.

Carefully considered motion sensor lighting along the sides and back of the house, where your recycling and garbage is, for example, can alert tenants of activity while illuminating their path when walking to and fro. Motion censored lighting at the front door is not only practical for tenants walking up to the door with keys in hand but safe as they are visible to neighbours and witnesses nearby. Suppose your property is vacant; in that case, you could set your outdoor lights on a timer to appear as though someone is living there and deter squatters or thieves (and save you the repairs costs for broken doors/windows). Lighting services are not only an investment in attracting tenants but keeping them happy and feeling safe for years to come. 

Lighting services may not only keep your tenants safe from others but help them live safer and more carefully on your property as well. Illuminated driveways can help them see the neighbour’s cat or the edge of the grass you just laid all new sod down for this summer. Prevent scratch marks on the door from fumbling key entries or broken siding from parking too close by hiring lighting services to identify hazards and activity points. Lighting services are an excellent way to prevent accidents and damage to your property by anticipating traffic areas and lighting needs, so you spend less money on repairs and using damage deposits that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Enhance Your Property With Fluorescent Man Lighting Services

Whether you’re looking for new tenants or you’re looking for ways to increase your property value while saving money on repairs, professional lighting services can help you make the most of your outdoor space. Make your property attractive, liveable, safe, and secure by investing in intelligent lighting. Whatever your budget, we can help you identify where to make the most lighting services to make it safer or just to enhance its unique features.

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Why should I hire a professional for my lighting services rather than just doing it myself?

While you may have a vision and budget planned out for your outdoor space, the experience will often deliver better results. The wrong lighting colors, direction or placement can create harsh or blinding effects, or even worse, can shine into your home, which can be an annoyment rather than an aesthetic or functional lighting feature for tenants. For whatever budget or project desires, we can offer our expertise to identify different suggestions and identify hazards or problems along the way. 

Why should I get a motion sensor light for the porch rather than leaving it on a normal one?

Leaving on a light at night or when you are gone can seem odd to burglars and thieves, and it may make your home a target. Not to mention the energy bill that will rack up from leaving it on. A motion sensor-activated light will not only deter attackers or burglars as your tenants enter the residence but will alert them when someone comes up to the house. Even if no one is home, this can make thieves uneasy as they feel watched or in the spotlight. 

I already have long-term tenants. Why should I invest in outdoor lighting out of my pocket? 

Besides creating goodwill and improving the living experience of your tenants, upgrading your lighting can create cost-savings. By switching to LED retrofit lighting, for example, you can decrease the energy consumption in areas that are already being used, and you may be eligible for rebates from Energy Efficiency Alberta.

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