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Ideal Exterior Lighting For Your Calgary Restaurant's Patio

Patio season is almost upon us, and if you're a Calgary restaurant, a well-lit and appealing patio can be a benefit to your business. Check out our essential tips in this post!

Why You Should Invest In The Best Lighting For Your Calgary Restaurant Patio

When people think of exterior commercial lighting, many people think of safety-focused exterior commercial lighting. However, businesses with an outdoor gathering area, such as restaurants, should also pay attention to this type of lighting. In fact, proper lighting on a restaurant patio is just as important as a well-lit parking lot.

This is because:

  • your restaurant patio is an extension of your business' interior.
  • outdoor areas are visible to the public.
  • restaurant patios can be high-traffic areas where servers and patrons alike need to be able to navigate to tables and comfortably serve or enjoy food.

This means that you need to consider not only the comfort of your patrons but ensure that the area suits your business’ brand and adds curb appeal to draw both foot and car traffic. Add the safety of your staff to the list of lighting needs and it becomes easy to see why this task can appear daunting at first--and why so many DIY solutions don’t do well.


Tip #1: Consider Exterior LED Lighting

Nothing looks worse than a patio area with burnt-out lights. Not only does this detract from the ambiance, but it can make it difficult for diners to see their places. Cut down on burnt-out bulbs and reduce maintenance costs by selecting exterior LED lights. These light last longer than their incandescent counterparts and come in a variety of colours and styles.

LED Benefits


Tip #2: Remember That Your Exterior Commercial Lighting Is An Extension of Your Business’s Interior

A patio can definitely provide a more informal dining atmosphere, but it’s important that it doesn’t seem completely dissonant from your indoor restaurant’s atmosphere.

This is especially true if a large portion of your guests arrive on a walk-in or first-come first-serve basis. You don’t want your guests to arrive expecting a chic, modern interior only to be ushered out to a patio lit by ultra-informal fairy lights.

Options for outdoor lighting include:

  • Elegant hanging lanterns in a finish that matches your restaurant’s colour schemes.

  • Lighting on the underside of umbrellas that serve as sun shade during the day.

  • Lighting along your patio’s fence.

  • Lanterns or tea lights on tables.

Lighting And Customer Experience


Tip #3: Don’t Forget The Lighting Basics

While it’s important to keep lighting design in mind, it’s just as essential not to forget functionality. Your diners need to be able to find their way to their seats and have enough lighting to eat their meals in comfort. Just as in your indoor dining areas, you need to ensure that you’re striking the right balance between style and function.

If you’re not sure how to get the right balance of ambient and task lighting, check out our handy primer here or schedule a lighting consultation with one of our expert.


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