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Calgary Tower Gets New LED Lighting Installation

Overview: The famous Calgary landmark that you all know and love is getting a lighting makeover! The lighting system that normally lights up the downtown Calgary Tower is being completely overhauled and will be replaced by a new, more energy efficient LED lighting system. To find out more, read the blog below.

Calgary's most prominent landmark is one of the next facilities to join the LED lighting trend. The Calgary Tower, located at the intersection between 9th Ave and Centre Street SW, will receive a completely new and energy-efficient LED lighting system.

The building, which is owned and run by Aspen Properties, will have the new system introduced to reduce operation costs, increase energy efficiency, and to add extra features such as new lighting display options. It is estimated that the new lights will use 60% less energy than the previous installations. Along with these added advantages, R. Scott Hutchinson, CEO of Aspen Properties, says that as the new LED lighting system has more control options, it will improve the tower's nighttime displays without negatively affecting the surrounding hotels and offices.

Some of the new LED lighting system's features include more colourful display options that can be customized for sporting events, local festivals, seasonal holidays and even raise awareness for local and national causes.

This new lighting installation is the first major work done to the 1967 tower since it had the glass floor viewing deck put in 9 years ago.

To find out when the different light shows are on, and to see whether you'll be able to catch one during your morning commute, check out the Tower's website here:

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