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Top 4 Outdoor Lighting Trends For 2018 You Can’t Miss

Outdoor lighting is an extremely important aspect of any garden but in order to make the most of them, it’s crucial to hire an electrician who can do the installation safely and correctly. 

One of the most important elements of a well-designed garden is the outdoor lighting but unfortunately, this is often overlooked or poorly executed. Hiring a qualified electrician for this job is important because they can ensure your outdoor lighting is:

  • installed safely and quickly
  • working well to showcase your garden and its features in the evening light
  • creating an inviting and welcoming atmosphere
  • serving other practical purposes such as deterring potential burglars and increasing your level of security

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Whether you’re looking for outdoor lighting installation or an affordable and modern LED retrofit in Calgary, our qualified electricians work professionally and quickly to meet all your electrical needs.



Top 4 Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2018

With every new year comes a brand new set of trends to watch out for. This includes trends in interior and landscape design, paint colours, and even outdoor lighting. Working with an electrician can help you navigate this vast range of options to find something that will suit your personal taste and home decor.

Here are some of the latest outdoor lighting trends you may want to consider:

1. LED Lighting

Whatever the residential or commercial project, LED is becoming increasingly popular in the lighting world. They are particularly ideal for outdoor lighting and offer many benefits over more traditional products including:

  • longer lifespan
  • brighter lighting
  • enhanced outdoor security
  • higher durability against the elements
  • lower overall home energy costs

LED Retrofit in Calgary

Are you unhappy with your current outdoor lighting? LED retrofitting allows you to upgrade your existing system so you can have brighter, more energy-efficient lighting without having to replace any fixtures.

LED Retrofit


2. Pendant Lighting

Although pendant lighting isn’t new, the materials, design features, and options continue to involve which means this style has continued to trend in 2018. Pendant lighting looks modern and fresh and will:

  • illuminate difficult to reach spaces
  • create a warm and pleasant ambiance
  • not require any space modification
  • enhance your curb appeal

Whether you hang them on your porch or above your outdoor dining table, pendant lamps are sure to add some luxury and trendiness to your landscape decor.


3. Moroccan Style Lighting

This Middle-Eastern inspired look is one of the top lighting trends for 2018 and can add beautiful accents to your porch or patio. Moroccan style lights are known to create beautiful patterns of light and shadow to create a warm and truly beautiful space.

Tip: Amp up this exciting 2018 trend with coloured accent bulbs!


4. Solar Lighting

Solar run outdoor lighting is a great way to preserve energy and lessen your carbon footprint on earth. While it has its practical advantages, solar lighting has also been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and many products come in attractive and classy designs to suit any decor or personal taste.

Some of the other incredible benefits of investing in outdoor solar lighting include:

  • your electricity bill will significantly decrease
  • it allows you to avoid the use of electrical wires as much as possible, keeping your family safe
  • they’re easy to maintain
  • they come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colours, to suit your personal taste
  • they’re not affected by power outages


Hire a Professional Electrician

A well-lit yard increases curb appeal by offering a warm and inviting place for your family and friends. Not only does it extend your living space, it can offer huge safety and security benefits: but only if they’re installed properly!


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