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What You Need To Know Before Installing Your Favorite Holiday Lighting

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Overview: Do you have a collection of outdoor lights set aside just for the festive season? In this blog we’ll look at six different things you can do to make your lighting experience easier.

The festive season is nearly upon us and not before long homeowners will be scaling ladders and untangling cables in order to get their seasonal outdoor lighting in order. Does this sound like you? If it does, then you’ll enjoy these tips and tricks for making sure everything goes to plan.

  1. Be Careful!

    In order to make your festive lights look great, you often need to access some awkward places. When doing so, make sure you use a good ladder and, if you can, get someone to hold the bottom of the ladder while you’re up there. Other precautions to take include using insulated holders rather than tacks or nails to secure your lights, turning all the lights off at night, and making sure that you don’t put lights on any trees that are in contact with power lines.
  2. Keep Your Extension Cords in Check

    Before you choose which extension cord to use, make sure it’s rated for the kind of weather it’s going to face. For Calgary, this means just about everything! Where you put your cords is important too, as you don’t want to create a hazard by draping them loosely over pathways. Try choosing low traffic areas, and when they do go across a busy area, make sure they’re taped down.

  3. Use The Correct Power Outlet

    All your lights should be powered by GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets to ensure that the system doesn’t become overpowered. We want festive lights, not fire! If you don’t already have a GFCI installed you can get an electrician to do it for you, or you can buy a portable outdoor unit instead.

  4. Buy Waterproof Lights

    It should really go without saying that you shouldn’t use indoor Christmas lights outdoors but we know how tempting it can be! However, it’s pretty simple - don’t! They’re just not made for the rigours of winter in any country, let alone Canada.

  5. Use Smaller Bulbs

    If you’re money conscious, environment conscious, or both, then you’ll like the idea of miniature bulbs. These cost less and use less power than regular festive lights and they can be a great way to light up trees and highlight walls and fences.

  6. Use Net Lighting

    Do you ever find yourself spending hours interlacing lines of lights into trees and bushes? Or more likely, spending hours taking them out again? If you do, then there’s a good chance you’ll love net lighting! Net lighting works like a blanket of lights and all you need to do is drape the mesh over a bush or tree and you’ve got a great looking hassle-free decoration. One you’ve tried LED net lighting, you’ll never have to weave lights through branches again!


Bottom Line: Festive lighting can be great fun but there’s some things that you should be doing to make the whole process easier. Staying safe is always important so having a good ladder and a couple of helpers is a must. The same goes for having weatherproof equipment and the right sockets – if you’re going to do outdoor lighting, then make sure you do it safely! But there are other things you can do to make your festive lighting better and the installation process a bit easier. Our favourite has to be net lighting – it really does make things quicker and because of this you have more time to make the rest of your lighting display look great!

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in contact with Fluorescent Man Lighting on 403-863-8529, Calgary’s lighting service specialists.

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