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Why Your Store Needs Good Outdoor Lighting

Whenever most people think of retail lighting they picture elegant and dazzling displays or bright, functional lighting over the tills. However, outdoor lighting also plays a very important role in the retail setting for 3 main reasons:

  1. Improve security
    Making sure the area around your store is well lit improves security. Burglars and vandals do not want to be observed when they are up to no good, so they tend to avoid brightly lit areas. You should also ensure the parking lot is well lit, so that thieves are less tempted to break into cars or try to rob customers and staff that may be leaving the store after dark. Bright lights also make it easier for security cameras to pick up details, improving the chances of identifying the culprits should an incident occur.

  2. Improve safety
    Making sure entrances, exits, sidewalks and parking lots are well lit is an excellent way to improve safety. Adequate outdoor lighting helps prevent staff and customers from tripping and falling, and makes the entire area less inviting to unsavory characters. Customers and staff feel safer in well lit areas because they know that if an incident does occur it is easier for help to spot them and intervene. Adequate lighting also makes it easier for security guards to spot if anything is amiss, such as suspicious figures or vehicles hanging around.

  3. Improve sales
    In order to turn potential customers into engaging customers, people need to be able to find your store. Having a brightly lit sign is one way to draw people to your store.  This is especially important in places like Canada where it gets dark early, while customers are still out shopping. Having bright exterior lighting also makes your store more welcoming, and helps customers feel safe. Most people will actively avoid dimly lit parking lots because they don’t feel safe in them.

Exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting in a retail setting. For more information about how you can use lighting to improve sales, security and safety contact Fluorescent Man Lighting today at 403.863.8529 and visit

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