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Why Are Bucket Trucks Important To Calgary Lighting Repair?

We’ve all seen bucket trucks around the city, whether we realize it or not, but do you really know what they are?

Bucket trucks are multi-purpose utility trucks that come equipped with an extendable pole with a sizable “bucket” attached at the top. The bucket is large and durable enough to hold a grown adult and place them 35 feet (10.6 metres) off the ground.

Bucket trucks are commonly used for lifting fireman to top floors of buildings, allowing tree trimmers to reach tall branches and assisting technicians with reaching the top of light poles.

Calgary’s Fluorescent Man Lighting has recently purchased their own bucket truck allowing them to better assist clients with (tall) lighting repairs and help provide additional lighting services. Here are some extra benefits Fluorescent Man Lighting’s bucket truck provides:  

Elevated Signs: If your business has an elevated sign that requires repairs or installation, this bucket truck can securely lift technicians to the sign so that maintenance can be completed.

Exterior Lighting: Providing maintenance on hard-to-reach exterior lighting can be extremely difficult and unsafe for business owners. Bucket trucks grant easy access to these high lighting fixtures from the safety of the bucket.

Handy Man Services: If you have trees wreaking havoc on or around your house, a bucket truck has the ability to lift handymen to an appropriate height so they can handle the situation. This way you don’t have to stand on an unstable ladder to protect your home.

If your business or home has exterior lighting that is just out of reach, call Fluorescent Man Lighting and take advantage of their convenient bucket truck.

Call 403.863.8529 and ask about our comprehensive maintenance packages on lighting.

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