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Calgary Exterior Lighting Maintenance: Your Fall Checklist

In Calgary, exterior light fixtures have to be able to withstand frequent use and a lot of wear and tear over the cold winter months. Start your preparations now with our Calgary exterior lighting maintenance checklist!

1. Ensure Your Light Output Is Up To Par

When lighting output fades over the summer, it’s easy for it to go unnoticed. After all, your garden lights or exterior pot lights are being supplemented by Calgary’s trademark sunny skies until well into the evening! However, in the fall, it becomes much darker much earlier. If possible, have a Calgary exterior lighting expert assess your lighting levels during dusk.

Inadequate lenses can be caused by:

  • Incorrect lighting placement
  • Incorrect lighting type
  • Burnt-out bulbs
  • Dirty lenses


2. Clean Your Lenses

The brightest, most well-positioned LED light ever will do Calgary homeowners very little good if it is positioned behind a dirty, scratched lens. Many people misattribute dim lighting to a burnt out bulb or an electrical problem when the lens is simply in need of a good washing and polishing. That's why this should be your first maintenance step, even before changing bulbs!

Not sure if your scratched-up lens can be salvaged? Call our Calgary exterior lighting experts for help choosing between a repair and a replacement.


3. Replace Lamps As Needed

Once you have cleaned your lenses, take note of any dim bulbs. Dim or burnt-out bulbs are a major cause of inadequate lighting. Leaving just one or two unattended can negatively affect your entire property, especially when the weather cools down: shadowy areas combined with icy walkways can be a hazard.

We understand that one of the worst things that can happen with bulb replacement is getting stuck in a cycle of replacing one or two at a time. An LED retrofit can remedy this issue.

Benefits of An LED Retrofit:

  • Relamping can be done all at once, meaning that you won’t have to worry about frequent piecemeal repairs
  • LED lights have a much longer lifespan than their counterparts, meaning you will have to relamp less frequently


4. Check The Electrical Components Of Your Lighting

If your exterior lighting system is wired, check every portion of it to ensure that there is no damage. Patch small areas with electrical tape until you can call a Calgary lighting specialist to assess the situation.

Unscrew the light bulb, if possible, to determine that no dirt, leaves, or moisture have found their way into the lighting fixture.


5. Keep Debris Out Of The Way

If you use exterior pot lights or path lights that are installed low to the ground, it’s important to keep fall debris out of the way. Leaves and dead grass can not only block the light but can get into the fixture and cause issues over time.


Too Busy To Tackle Our Calgary Exterior Lighting Checklist?

If you’re already bogged down with obligations, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. Our handyman and bucket truck services allow us to take on any job in any kind of weather, and our decades of lighting and electrical experience mean that every task is completed safely and efficiently.

Give our team a call today at 403-863-8529 or use our online contact form below.

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