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Calgary Exterior Lighting: Outdoor, Patio, and Garden Lighting

Give your summer gatherings the perfect ambiance, add security to your property, and boost your home’s curb appeal by adding outdoor LED lights to your property.

Calgary Exterior Lighting

One of the greatest things about summer is the possibilities for entertaining: it’s a perfect time for gatherings of friends and family. Summer get-togethers are almost always better in the evenings, when everyone is off work and the hot weather has cooled slightly. However, this means that you'll have to choose exterior lighting for your patio and garden. 

For homes in Calgary, exterior lighting is ideal for:

  • Adding ambiance
  • Showcase landscaping or a well-maintained garden
  • Making the area safer


Calgary Exterior Lighting: Tips For Homeowners

To make your outdoor space stylish, safe, and earth friendly, check out the following key tricks.

1. Have Your Lighting Installed By A Professional

When it comes to exterior lighting, Calgary residents should always consult a professional. This is because outdoor lighting in Canadian cities is exposed to all four seasons. It’s important to select durable lighting that can withstand snow, ice, and rain. Alternately, if you’re not willing to invest in rugged lighting that will be outdoors year-round, a team like our Calgary residential lighting experts can help you select removable options that can be put into storage during colder months.

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2. Use Motion-Activated Lighting For Walkway and Porch Lighting

Garden and walkway lighting can range from whimsical to classic and sophisticated, but always makes your yard or lawn safer. It ensures that you, as well as guests and visitors, have a clear view of the path to your home or backyard. Floodlights can also be useful for providing a broader range of light and visibility. When it comes to floodlights, motion-activated lighting is a great way to ensure that your lighting is on when it’s needed but not wasting power when it isn’t.

Upgrade It: You don’t need to stop at motion-sensing lights. With home automation, an even greater amount of eco friendly and LED lighting  with a touch of your smartphone’s buttons.

3. Use outdoor LED Lighting For Your Garden

If you’ve got a green thumb, garden lighting can showcase your home’s well-tended greenery during the evening as well as during the day. Spotlights can put emphasis on various aspects of your garden. We reccomend using clusters of smaller LED lights to create pools of overlapping light, which creates a softer effect and doesn't overwhelm the plants on display.

Upgrade It: If you’re aiming to take your outdoor residential LED lighting even more more efficient, you can opt for daylight-sensing options. You can always be confident that your lighting will only be on exactly when it’s needed. Additionally, if you want a more eco-friendly setup, you can complement your LED lighting setup with solar-powered options.

4. Choose The Right Patio Lighting

While LED lighting is energy efficient and appealing, the wrong colour temperature can make your patio seem harsh and cold rather than relaxing. This can put a serious damper on your gathering's atmosphere: no one wants to have an evening barbecue under a cold, clinical light. Choosing warmer color temperatures ensures that your lighting will set the right tone, because warmer lighting is often perceived as more comforting and welcoming. 

Patio Lighting


Residential LED Options: Our Reccomendation for Exterior Lighting

If you or your guests will be spending a good deal of time outdoors this summer, or if you want to enhance your property’s security and appearance, fixture style shouldn’t be your only focus. It is worth looking into exterior lighting type. At Fluorescent Man, our Calgary exterior lighting experts recommend that our customers seek out lighting that uses less energy. LED options last longer and use less energy, which saves you money in the long run. These lights are also sturdy and versatile, which means that they are not eaily damaged and come in a variety of styles to suit any decor type.


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