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Repair Or Replace? Is Your Outdoor Sign Still Looking Good?

Repair Or Replace? Is Your Outdoor Sign Still Looking Good?

We’ve all passed by a store where some of the letters of their sign are not lit up, making it look like it spelled something different. Signs are a fantastic way to catch the eyes of customers and quickly convey something about your business or product, but when they aren’t working properly they lose their effectiveness. Even worse, a worn sign can make your business look shabby, neglected, or even closed. Sometimes all you need to fix this is a repair, but other times the sign can’t be saved and you need an entirely new sign installation. Here are the times you may be able to save what you have with an outdoor sign repair and when it’s time to commit to a full change.

When To Repair

Minor Damage
Some damage is easily repaired and can make a world of difference to your sign. Flickering lights and burnt-out lights are the best examples, as they are highly noticeable flaws that will immediately turn clients and customers away. But this glaring issue can be solved with a quick call to a lighting specialist. Other sign damage that can be repaired includes cracks or chipped paint.

Become Energy Efficient
Signs take a lot of energy to power, especially if they remain on all the time. If you had the sign on your business installed several years ago, it may not be as energy-efficient as possible and this could be costing you a lot of money. Getting your sign retrofitted to use energy-efficient LED bulbs will help cut energy expenses as well as make your business more environmentally friendly.

When To Replace

Irreparable Damage
While some damage can be repaired, some cannot. Damage that happens over time, such as sun-bleaching, rusting, and peeling all may require a fully new sign, as all of these issues are related to the deterioration of the materials of the sign. Vandalism can also lead to the retirement of a sign, as spray paint and deliberate destruction are often not repairable. When a sign is damaged in any of these ways, it’s best to replace it sooner rather than later so that your business does not look neglected or unsafe.

Ineffective Advertising
There’s no point having a sign if it’s not drawing in customers. Some businesses might have originally opted for a smaller, simpler sign that was low cost, especially if the business was just starting and cash flow was limited, but advertising is not an area where pennies should be pinched. Your sign should catch the eyes of passers-by, be easily recognizable, be memorable, and convey important information about your business. This could be the business name, logo, the type of business it is, the general atmosphere, or any combination of these. If your sign isn’t letting people know something valuable about your business, it’s time to upgrade.

Stay Up-To-Date
Everything has a style assigned to the age it was developed: clothes, cars, homes, and even signs. If your sign has out-of-date colours, fonts, or other stylistic elements, it can help to upgrade your sign so that your business appears more contemporary. Older styled signs can give the impression that you aren’t changing with the times and won’t be able to keep up with your competitors. Another incredibly important element of your sign to update is any outdated references. For example, references to old technology are not only irrelevant to your current business practices, but they also don’t give the impression that your company is capable of using modern technology, which doesn’t instill confidence in your customers or clients.

Outdoor Sign Installation In Calgary

Whether you’re looking for a complete outdoor sign replacement or a sign repair, Fluorescent Man Lighting can help light up your business with a beautiful, eye-catching, and memorable sign. At Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electrical, we specialize in outdoor sign repair and outdoor sign installation so we can help you enhance your advertising with minor changes or a completely new sign. Our lighting experts can help you balance budget and sign durability while creating a piece that will draw in customers and elevate the look of your business. If you are looking for a properly installed, well-lit sign for your business, call Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical at 1-403-863-8529 or reach out by filling in our online contact form.


Q: What types of outdoor sign installations do you offer?
A: Fluorescent Man lighting and Electrical in Calgary offers

  • Illuminated signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Pole signs
  • Channel letter signs
  • Lightbox Signs
  • Billboards

Q: Do I need a professional to do my sign repair and installation?
A: It is highly recommended that you use one of our professionals at Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical in Calgary, as we have the knowledge and experience to do a good-looking job quickly and safely. Since we often do outdoor sign installations, we can give professional advice and offer our licensed services so that if you experience any issues later on we can come correct them. Overall, it is better to have a professional install your outdoor sign.

Q: How much does a light-up sign cost?
A: The cost of a lit sign for your business varies based on the style of sign, size, type of lighting used, and the materials used. Fortunately, the team at FM Lighting & Electrical has exterior sign and lighting options for all budgets and sizes. Reach out for a consultation for your Calgary and area business.

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