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Secure Homes and Businesses with Exterior Lighting

On Halloween all the little boys and girls will don their costumes and alight into the night in search of fun and treats. With winter approaching and the days getting shorter it is important to make sure the exterior of your home or business is properly illuminated, especially for Halloween, to keep your family and your community safe.

Adequate lighting can help keep your home safe from potential intruders. Halloween is a prime time for criminals to case houses, since it is the one night of the year that strangers can visit each other’s houses without arousing suspicion. By ensuring the exterior of your house is well lit you can deter potential thieves from targeting your home, since a well lit home is less easy to break into without attracting notice.

Lighting is also important for keeping Trick-or-Treater’s safe. By ensuring your front path and front door area are adequately illuminated you can drastically reduce tripping hazards and let parents and Trick-or-Treaters know that they are welcome to come up and ring the doorbell. Parent’s and children alike are leery of approaching poorly lit areas because of potential safety hazards. By ensuring that your front door and front pathway are well lit you not only help keep Trick-or-Treater’s safe at your own home or business but you also improve the overall safety of the neighbourhood by working alongside your neighbours to ensure the entire community is well lit.

Help keep your community safe, call Fluorescent Man Lighting to install or upgrade your outdoor lighting today. As we always say, by the shake of my hand we will get the job done. For all your lighting needs, call 403.863.8529 to get your free, no obligations quote and visit

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