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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Like any piece of equipment, fluorescent lights can greatly benefit from preventative maintenance. It is recommended that you never try and perform maintenance on your fluorescent lights yourself. For anything more serious than replacing a bulb you should always call the professionals at Fluorescent Man Lighting.

It is recommended that you have all of your fluorescent light fixtures checked periodically by the professionals at Fluorescent Man Lighting. This way you can be sure that your lights are in top condition, and preventative maintenance can be performed periodically. By undergoing preventative maintenance you can avoid replacement costs and get the maximum usage out of your lights.

If your fluorescent lights begin to flicker it could be one of several things. It could be as simple as a dying tube, which can be easily replaced. However, it may be a sign of something more serious such as a worn starter or ballast. These parts will need to be replaced if they are damaged, but by getting your lights checked regularly you can head off any major problems before they arise. If a light is flickering that is because it is having trouble lighting, and the flickering may in turn cause the ballast to overheat and fail prematurely. Like waiting too long to change your car oil, a simple switch could save you money and headache in the future. When a light begins to flicker be sure you replace the tube with a fresh one. If the flickering continues then you should call a professional to come and take a look. You may be able to replace only one part, which is a more economical and less disruptive solution than purchasing a whole new unit.

Be sure to call in a professional at least once a year to check that your fluorescent lights are working properly, and to perform any necessary preventative maintenance. For all your fluorescent lighting needs call Fluorescent Man Lighting today at 403.863.8529 and visit for more information.

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