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Buzzing and Flickering: What's New with Fluorescent Lighting

We all remember fluorescent lighting as fixtures that light up schools and warehouses, and had that hypnotic buzzing sound that would draw our eyes to the ceilings. When it comes to upgrading your home or your business lighting system, Fluorescent Man Lighting doesn’t want you to write off fluorescent ballast technology.

The long fluorescent tubes we are familiar with are illuminated by an electrical current that moves through them and requires the function of two components, a lamp and a ballast. The ballast performs two functions, it powers up the lamp and regulates the energy produced, so it doesn’t destroy itself. Ballast technology has evolved in the last decade, they run electrically compared to older electro-magnetic models. This results with energy saving and increased illumination for lighting systems.

You would be surprised at all the benefits that the electronic ballast provides compared to previous models. They now run at approximately 1,000 times greater frequency, resulting in more light produced by the lamp. Magnetic ballasts could only power two lamps, whereas electronic ballasts can operate up to four lamps. If you’ve ever flicked a switch to turn on tubed fluorescent lights, you probably noticed a delay before the lighting is operating at full capacity. We now install two types of electronic ballasts, an instant start or a programmed start. Instant stat ballasts is exactly what you think it is, the ballast allows high voltage to immediately start the lamp, but it can be hard on the lamps. Programmed starts heat electrodes before operating at full voltage and have less shock to your lamps.

Newer ballasts can also be a buzz kill….literally. With higher frequency capabilities, both the buzzing sounds and flickering of lights are eliminated. The newer fluorescent lights go out with a bang and not a whimper. They produce consistent healthy amount of lighting before they burn out. The magnetic models would dim over their lifespan, producing inadequate dingy lighting before they slowly fade out.

Energy saving, cost saving, greater illumination, and no hypnotic buzzing sounds - is there anything that new ballast technology in fluorescent lighting can’t do? Call us today at Fluorescent Man Lighting to design and install a new lighting system for your home or business.


For more information on fluorescent lighting or any lighting system, contact us at FM Lighting & Electric in Calgary today on 403-863-8529.

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