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Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint,  a new set of lights, or some minor repairs, you probably have a few projects that have been sitting on your home maintenance to-do list. However, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to buy materials, brush up on home maintenance tutorials, and bring out the tools to complete these routine chores. When small home improvement tasks pile up, they can soon become overwhelming and the thought of tackling them can become even more daunting. This is just one of the reasons why you should look into hiring a handyman.

In previous posts, we’ve explained the benefits of hiring a handyman, and how hiring a handyman can make your life easier. It’s easy to see why hiring an experienced professional for household maintenance, repair, or installation projects can save you time, money, and stress. In this post, we extend on these topics by covering the basics of how to make sure you are hiring the right handyman for the job.

Calgary General Repairs and Maintenance: Define Your Project

If  you have noticed tasks piling up around your house and are thinking of hiring a handyman, the first thing to do is establish what kind of jobs you need done. Having a focused approach means you’ll know what types of training, expertise, or experience to look for, which can save you time. It will also make it easier to describe the projects that you want to have completed when you are discussing the project with the handyman you hire, and allow the experienced professional to be fully prepared for the project.

Calgary Handyman Services: Reviews and References Can Help You Decide Who To Hire

There are many Calgary handyman services in the city, so it can be helpful to check out reviews. Many handymen have websites featuring both galleries and reviews. Additionally, reviews on social media sites or business review sites can also help you in your search for the best Calgary handyman services provider.

  • This is also a good opportunity to learn not only about a  handyman’s skills but about their customer service skills. For example, do they listen to clients’ concerns? Does the work come with a guarantee?
  • For large projects, it can be even better if you can visit or meet with your handyman’s previous references to see their work.
  • Word of mouth can also be a useful way to find a great handyman.

Calgary Handyman Services: Expertise and Experience

In many areas, the term “handyman” can encompass a wide variety of specialties and experience levels. Some handyman are highly skilled at general repairs, while others may have additional certifications or specializations in areas such as electrical work, lighting, landscaping, or plumbing.

  • In addition to credentials and training, the amount and type of experience a handyman has can impact whether or not they are  good fit for your project.
  • On one hand, it can be best to hire an expert handyman with a special area of experience for complex and specialty tasks, such as renovations to a home’s plumbing, lighting system, or electrical wiring. However, on the other hand, if you have a backlog of general maintenance tasks it can be good to find a handyman with experience in a wide variety of home improvement and repair projects.
  • If you are not sure about whether your project requires a general handyman, a specialist handyman, or a contractor, check out our blog post on when to choose a handyman and when to hire a contractor.

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