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Lighting Maintenance in Calgary


Offices and workplaces need to have a proper amount of lighting for people to be productive and alert. The basic premise for any business or home lighting is for ideal levels of lighting at a minimum cost. Read the blog below for tips on how to keep routine maintenance of your workplace’s lighting system.  

Monthly Lighting Maintenance

It makes economical sense to have a pre-scheduled relamping. Relamping is the replacement of individual lamps when they burn out. With scheduled relamping a contractor comes into a facility and replaces all the lights near the end of their life cycle. The scheduled maintenance is usually done on the weekend or overnight where there is minimal disturbance to the workday. On the flip side, when calling a contractor to replace a lamp every time it burns out, it actually costs more in the long run due to a minimum fee. The advance schedule replacement of lamps can be calculated based on the life expectancy of the product. The most economic group relamping is usually at 80% of the life expectancy of the lamps. Additionally at the 80% percent mark, the light output begins to depreciate.

Keeping the Lighting System Clean – Lighting Services

Unless your office is on the space station, dust and dirt are just a reality in the work place. You don’t have to clean the lights everyday and you don’t need a complicated cleaning schedule, once a year will do the trick! In even the cleanest of environments, dirt that accumulates on lamps, reflectors, and covers cause lighting output to decrease by 5 percent. Keeping the lighting fixtures clean has the ability to increase the lighting up to 50%.

Lighting Management

As nice as an office building looks lit up among the Calgary skyline, it does not benefit your business if the office is empty. Your business should only use their lights when they are needed. A workplace using 1,000 fluorescent light fixtures can save $4500 if they turned off their office lighting one hour earlier. That doesn’t mean you have to turn the lights off and have employees work in the dark. If your office is empty at 6pm and the lights are set to turn off at 8pm, simply changing your automated system to have the lights turn off at 7pm will decrease your energy bill. Office hours can vary throughout the year; it’s a good idea to track the lighting needs accordingly. Saving energy is not just a fad; it’s a common theme for smart business practice. Other tools for energy saving include:

  • Timed lighting
  • Daylight sensors
  • Dimmer switches
  • Motion detectors (in unoccupied areas)

Bottom Line:

It is too often that business lighting is left un-serviced and neglected. Calling in a contractor to switch out a single light only to call them back a few weeks later to switch out another lamp is wasting time and money. Implementing simple lighting programs like: cleaning schedule once a year, routine relamping and proactive measures for energy savings, will save your company money. A proper lighting maintenance system is key to smart business practice.

To find out more about a lighting maintenance system and routine relamping for your facility or building, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary today on 403-863-8529. 

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