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Maximize The Use of Your Home: Home Theatre Design

Do you and your family love movies, but don’t have the space for a home theatre room? Our Calgary Handyman Service experts have the solution.

Calgary Home Theatre Installation For Multipurpose Spaces

Let’s face it. Whether it’s because we live in a cozier home, have a busy household with children, or simply because we used that extra spare room as a home office or guest room, we don’t always have the space to create a dedicated home theatre. Does that mean you’re doomed to trekking to the movie theatre or opting for a subpar movie experience? Absolutely not. 

From the best tips in residential LED lighting to the ideal way to arrange a room, our Calgary handyman service knows the best ways to transform a room so that it’s an awesome home theatre, but can also be used as a standard living room, game room, or den.  Read these five key tips and you’ll be well on your way to an amazing movie viewing experience in your own home.


What To Keep In Mind During Your Calgary Home Theatre Installation

  • Centre The Seating In Your Home Theatre For The Best Viewing Experience

The key to a good moviegoing experience is, obviously, being able to view the film in all of its clarity. What many Calgary homeowners might not realize is that you don’t need to invest in theatre-sized screen to get this experience. What’s more important is the quality of the screen, the distance between the viewers in the screen, and the viewing angle. A Calgary handyman service can help you optimize your home theatre seating and screen placement. 

  • Decorate Your Calgary Home Theatre With Plush Carpets

Soundproofing a dedicated home theatre room can sometimes be an intense process. If your home theatre is also serving as a living room or den, these measures may be too labour-intensive and impractical.

Opting for sound-deadening materials that double as furnishings and decor can be a better option for multipurpose spaces. A luxurious and thick carpet deadens sound, and throws or wall hangings can add a luxe and textured touch to a living room or den.

  • Avoid Mirrors And Picture Glass

Most tutorials advise painting the room dark--even black--during your Calgary home theatre installation. However, if the room is also doubling as a place where you’ll regularly be relaxing or hosting guests, this might be a touch too dramatic.

There are other steps you can take to minimize the amount of reflection that could disrupt your movie viewing experience. First, invest in heavier drapes to ensure that no light comes in through the windows. Second, eliminating picture frames and mirrors from the walls can allow you to minimize reflections without painting the walls pitch black.

  • For A Calgary Home Theatre In A Multipurpose Room, Effective Storage Is A Must

Whether it’s a living room, games room, or den during most of the time, you still want the ability to convert your room into a home theatre when it’s time to watch a movie. Cabinets, shelving, and other storage options will help keep the room decluttered and open. 

  • Subtle Lighting Is Key

If it's your living room, do you really need theatre-style can lights and LED strip lighting along the floor? We believe the decision is up to you. LED strip lighting can be kept subtle, while can lighting comes in a variety of different finishes.

However, if this decor is too strong for your preferences, soft, warm lighting with a dimmer switch can give you that movie theatre vibe without overwhelming the space.  


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