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Calgary Handyman Services Make Home Theatre Installation Simple

Planning on building a home theatre? Learn how a qualified Calgary handyman service can help!

Hiring a Calgary Handyman Service Ensures The Job Gets Done Right

You’ve invested time and money choosing the right electronics, furniture, and AV equipment to furnish your business's theatre. You’re looking forward to assembling it and watching your favourite films on a big screen. However, building a business's theatre is no small task, and while you could assemble it yourself, it can be a time-consuming endeavor, especially for busy individuals. A Calgary handyman service is the ideal solution.

Why Is a Handyman Service Your Best Option For Home Theatre Construction?

A handyman service is equipped to handle many different parts of a project. Calgary home theatre installations often require painting and carpet installation, AV equipment setup, as well as furniture moving and assembly. Having all of these different aspects of home theatre installation done by a handyman saves you the time you’d spend doing it yourself, and also spares you the time and effort it takes to hire a variety of different specialists. A handyman service can ensure that your installation is done correctly, while also being less costly than hiring several specialists’ services.

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How a Handyman Service Can Help You Perfect Your Home Theatre System

Painting The Walls

A clear, non reflective wall color like black--or, if you’re looking for less of a harsh option, blue--can take your setup from “family media room” to “luxury home theatre” in a snap. The right paint finish will darken the room so that the screen is the focus, and will prevent distracting reflections during the viewing experience.

A handyman service can prepare, paint, and rearrange your home theatre room. You’ll have a professionally-done paint job with no inconvenient paint splatters or furniture scuffs on your flooring.


Soundproofing isn’t just essential for ensuring a good movie watching experience. The right kind of soundproofing materials also prevent your movie’s audio from disturbing people in the next room over. Whether you’re going the classic home-theatre route and soundproofing your walls, or whether you’re investing in carpeting and bookshelves to deaden the sound, a handyman is the right person for the job. This is especially true if your project involves more than just a straightforward installation. If you need to rip out existing carpeting, it’s best to call a professional.

Equipment Setup

When installing a home theatre system, you’ll be mounting either TV screen, or a screen-and-projector combo. Additionally, you’ll be installing several speakers, around the room. If you want to watch DVDs from your collection, or play your favourite games on the big screen, you’ll likely need to store a DVD player and your favourite consoles as well. Before you even think of setting up your Calgary home’s theatre AV system, you’ll need to find a way to store it! Whether you’re planning on going the flat-pack route or having pieces customized, a Calgary handyman service should be the team for the job.  AV Equipment Installation

For whatever reason, setting up AV equipment is never as easy as it first seems: here a cable might be too short, there you might suddenly require an extra adapter. A handyman can install these components of your business's theatre system quickly and easily, so that you can get your cinematic experience going faster.


LED lighting comes in many varieties, and can allow you to add either retro Hollywood glamour or a modern edge to your home theatre. What’s more, you’ll get it with zero added heat and at a highly affordable cost. Lighting serves many purposes when it comes to a home theatre. For example, it:

  • Allows you to use the room for other purposes, if a proper dimmer is installed
  • Provides a luxe, movie-theatre like experience
  • Floor lighting makes it easy for individuals to leave and return to their seats without disturbing anyone else


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