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3 Holiday Themed Signage & Decor Ideas For Your Business

Our Calgary commercial lighting experts can help your small business attract more customers this holiday season with LED exterior lighting and customized signage options.

The holiday season is upon us and more Christmas spending means more opportunities to bring business to your Calgary store! Investing in holiday signage and exterior Christmas lighting can have many benefits:

  • It attracts attention from customers who might otherwise just pass you by
  • It boosts employee morale and makes your business a happier working place
  • It helps you stay competitive
  • It demonstrates your Christmas spirit, drawing the holiday crowds to your store

Affordable Bucket Truck and Commercial Lighting Services in Calgary

Whether you are considering customized holiday signage, or want to invest in festive LED exterior lighting, our affordable bucket truck services can get your storefront shining brightly in no time!

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Holiday Themed Signage and Exterior Lighting Ideas For Your Calgary Business

Successful businesses understand the importance of great signage and exterior lighting. Using festive lights during the holidays is a great way to advertise your company and increase the number of customers you attract.

Here are 3 holiday-themed signage and exterior lighting ideas that will increase your company’s sales this Christmas:

1. Decorative Decals

A decorative window decal is a great way to help your local Calgary company stand out from the competition! Decals are made to be applied and removed with ease, and are perfect for displaying a seasonal special.

Benefits of Customized Decorative Decals

  • Instant, inexpensive advertising
  • Builds invaluable brand recognition
  • Promotes your Christmas specials, helping you stand out from the competition
  • Saves you time and money because they typically don’t require a city permit
  • They can be placed anywhere, from shop windows to company cars


2. Led Exterior Lighting & Signage

Christmas is the time of year when everyone will be shopping and you want to make sure that they shop with YOU! Good quality signage lets them know that you have exactly what they want and need.

If you have some old neon signs, now is a good time to consider an LED retrofit. From exterior lighting to signage, switching to LED can have many benefits for your company, including:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Longer life span (approximately 50,000 hours)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced fire and shock hazards
  • Improved performance in cold weather
  • Fewer required primary electrical circuits

Led Exterior Lighting Retrofit



During this holiday season, you should know that your business isn’t the only one trying to capitalize on busy Christmas shopping. That’s why your signage and exterior lighting needs to stand out.

Bring in foot traffic with custom display signs that feature your special promotion. Some rewarding promos to offer include:

  • Early Bird Specials: After the initial holiday spending surge is over, set a date for an early bird special for people who may have missed out or who still want more. Your sign should emphasize the limited hours of the special and help offset less busy morning hours that most retailers experience.

  • Last Minute Deals:  A Last Minute Deal special will help you reach out to some of the less pro-active customers who are looking to wrap up their Christmas shopping.

  • Two For One: Any customer appreciates getting the most value for their money, especially when buying gifts for multiple people. For your Two For One offer, feature an item that is trendy and suitable to a wide audience and don’t forget to put it on a sign!


Make Your Commercial Holiday Lighting and Signage Unique

Whether you are promoting your store with window decals, mounted signage or exterior Christmas lights, you must make sure that your message is unique. You must think about:

  • Your customers shopping needs
  • What special services only YOU can provide
  • Using words or images that stir up positive and happy emotions in potential clients
  • Becoming more creative with your holiday lighting and signage

Fluorescent Man Lighting Can Help

Putting up holiday exterior lights or signage in your commercial space can be a dangerous endeavour, especially during the winter. At FML,  our professional team has the knowledge, equipment and expertise to ensure it is done safely and quickly.

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