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Fluorescent Man Lighting: Calgary’s Top 5 General Home Repairs

Homeownership is a wonderful achievement we all strive for, but it requires a great deal of responsibility. 

As our homes age, the need for general repairs and home improvement projects increase. The good news is that most home repairs are quick, easy fixes, especially when you employ handyman services.

Here are the top five most common home repairs in Calgary:

  1. Replacing Toilet Fill Valves: We’ve all heard our toilets constantly running and have seen the aftermath on our water bills. It’s time to replace your fill valve. A handyman can correctly repair this, saving you time and money.
  2. Leaky Faucets: Not only are the drips from leaky faucets annoying, but they’re unnecessarily wasteful. Generally, a faucet leak is corrected with rubber washers or a new faucet cartridge.
  3. Replacing Ceiling Fans: Eventually the motor in a ceiling fan will burn out or you’ll want to replace the fixture. Since the wiring is already in place, a lighting technician can quickly and safely mount a new ceiling fan within an hour.
  4. Repair Defective Light Switches: Lighting maintenance in your Calgary home or business involves tightening and replacing electrical wires and should definitely be left to professional lighting technicians. Lighting specialists at Calgary’s Fluorescent Man Lighting, have the equipment and expertise to complete these projects in less than an hour.
  5. Repairing Doors That Are Out Of Alignment: Over time our exterior doors can shift and fall out of alignment and in Calgary this presents a heating issue during winter months. This type of project generally requires a skilled handyman to ensure the door is properly re-adjusted.   

If your home or business is in need of general repairs, trying to fix them yourself may end up costing you extra money and lots of valuable time. 

The experienced lighting technicians and handymen at Fluorescent Man Lighting know how to quickly and efficiently repair projects all over your home.
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