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Spring Cleaning For Your Yard: Tips From Our Handyman Service Experts

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Whether you’re planning on using your yard for entertaining or as a relaxing family gathering area, it’s likely to need some spring cleaning after another one of Calgary’s long winters. Here are our top-tips for getting your yard warm-weather ready from our Calgary handyman services.

6 Key Yard Maintenance Tips From Our Calgary Handyman And Lighting Team

1. Clear Out Winter Debris

Over the course of the winter, debris such as dead plant matter, road salt, and dirt can build up between layers of snow and ice.

Not only is this incredibly unsightly as the snow melts, but it can also create “snow mould”, which can contribute to springtime allergies.

When prepping your yard for spring:

  • remove plant debris
  • wash any road salt and dirt from your flagstones and curb


2. Inspect Key Areas For Water Damage

If your yard has any ground-level lights in your driveway or walkway, it may be a good idea to inspect them. Check for any rust caused by melting snow, and ensure they haven’t come loose from the ground over the course of the winter.

If your home or garage spent the winter blanketed under snow, it may also be a good idea to ensure that siding and the areas around your windows were not damaged.  

Spring Maintenance Help


3. Inspect And Adjust Your Lighting

If your outdoor lighting is on a timer, you may want to adjust it for the lighter days to come. Additionally, you should check all bulbs and electrical equipment to ensure that it’s in perfect condition.


4. Plan Your Landscaping

The right landscaping can elevate your yard's appearance. However, after winter, many gardens and lanscaping features may be in need of some serious care.

Our Landcaping Checklist

  • Prioritize any "bare spots" where grass or plants may have died or been damaged over the winter.
  • If your garden consists of annuals, start planning which plants to get early on. If you’re seeking a thriving, lush garden, you don’t want to miss the window for planting them!
  • If your garden area is full of perennials, have the area cleared, pruned, and fertilized for spring.
  • This can also be a good time to inspect, replace, or update any ornaments you may have, such as fountains.

Patio And Garden Lighting


5. Ensure Summer Gathering Areas Are Well-Lit

If you have a pool, a patio, or any other outdoor area, it’s important that they be well-lit. If you haven’t already, ensure that the lighting levels in these areas are adequate for safety and visibility.

If you’ve let lighting fall by the wayside, check out our blog on how to plan perfect outdoor lighting for your home. Our handyman team suggests making a list of your favourite solutions, and contacting a Calgary lighting expert for a quote.

Planning Patio Lighting


6. Plan Repairs

Over the winter, it’s common for small amounts of damage to occur. Many of these issues are small, or cosmetic. For example, your drainpipe or eavestrough might loosen due to the weight of winter snow, or your patio might sustain some discolouration from melting snow. You may notice that some of your outdoor lights are dim or burnt-out from use over the long winter evenings.

Because most of this damage is inconvenient but not an emergency, many homeowners opt to delay or completely forgo repairs. However, these issues can worsen over time if they’re not addressed and can make your yard look significantly less put-together in the short term.

If you’re working on a budget, make a list and tackle repairs in the order of most urgent to least severe. Additionally, check with your Calgary handyman or repair person to see if you can get a discounted “bundle” price for several repairs.


Contact Our Calgary Handyman Team For Custom Solutions

If you want to get your yard looking beautiful for spring but don’t have the time to spare, don’t hesitate to give our team a call! You can reach us at 403-863-8529 or through our online contact form.

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