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Spring Home Maintenance

General repair technicians are experienced in completing many seasonal exterior and interior tasks. These range from setting up holiday lights, to helping you prep your patio for summer, to completing year-round repairs and maintenance.

There are many benefits to hiring a handyman, especially during the winter/spring transition period. While the weather may still be a bit unpredictable, many homeowners are planning for spring cleaning and home maintenance once the snow melts.

During this transitional time of year, hiring a Calgary handyman service can do colder-weather weather tasks such as:

  • Snow clearing
  • Outdoor lighting maintenance and inspections
  • Interior and exterior emergency repair projects

…are completed on a regular schedule.

When life gets hectic, yearly maintenance tasks can easily be overlooked and pile up. Hiring a general repair technician, especially one that offers Calgary bucket truck services, can be a good way to get these tasks off your plate while still giving your house the care and attention that it deserves this March.

A Calgary Handyman Service Can Help You With...

Inspecting and Maintaining Windows and Doors

With the warm weather coming up, it is important to check window and door screens for any rips, tears, or damage that may have occurred over the winter or while they were in storage. A Calgary handyman can also help you identify and replace weather stripping, putty, or seals that may have been damaged over the winter.

Pressure Washing

Refreshing your home’s exterior using pressure washing removes any buildup from the previous year and gives your home a fresh start for spring. A handyman can help you clean exterior concrete areas as well as the outside of your home.

Exterior Maintenance

The spring is the perfect time to tackle general repair and touch-up projects. A qualified Calgary handyman service provider can help you replace roof shingles, weather-damaged faucets, wood trim, as well as loose or damaged pieces of your deck or patio area.

General repair technicians in Calgary offering Bucket Truck Services can also clean eaves, downspouts, and downspout extensions. Handymen with access to a bucket truck can also trim hedges or trees around your property.

Special Projects

Have you been dreaming of having a custom shelving unit built for your garage? Have you been meaning to update the exterior lights in your backyard or garden area? This is the perfect time of year to start bringing the projects you have been dreaming of all winter to reality.

If you have a larger project in mind for spring, such as replacing your indoor or outdoor lighting system, painting your home, or rebuilding a deck, an experienced Calgary handyman service might be the right company to call. If you aren’t certain whether the project you have in mind is better suited to a contractor or a handyman, check out our blog post on the topic.

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