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Rising Electricity Costs: How An Electrician Can Help Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Rising Electricity Costs: How An Electrician Can Help Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

You may have already noticed increases on your energy bill, and these are not expected to drop anytime soon. The cost of energy in Calgary is predicted to stay just as high and even rise into the fall. To help combat rising energy costs, you can take matters into your own hands by using less energy without majorly impacting your life. Cutting energy costs doesn’t have to mean living in a house that’s too cold or too dim, it means making smart changes with the help of a skilled Calgary electrician so that you and your family use less energy every day. Here are some smart and easy ways to reduce your energy consumption and keep your energy bill low.

How An Electrician Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Energy Audit
Most people use a lot more energy than they realize. While some appliances need to remain plugged in and turned on all the time, such as the fridge, the vast majority of electronics don’t require constant energy. Even if an appliance is not currently in use, if it is plugged in and turned on it’s using energy. If you look around your home right now, you will probably notice many electronics that are plugged in that don’t need to be: your phone charger, kitchen appliances, speakers, entertainment systems, and even power bars can all draw energy even when not in use. An electrician can look around your home and point out which appliances and other features are drawing energy and can be unplugged when not in use versus which home goods should stay plugged in. An electrician can also help you learn more about your large appliances and how much energy they likely use.

LED Lighting Retrofit
Many people needlessly waste money on their lighting. Fluorescent lighting and incandescent lighting are both older styles of lighting that use a lot of energy yet they are still very common in households. Incandescent lighting is especially popular among many homeowners since it is what they are used to, but this type of lighting actually only converts about 10% of the energy it uses to produce light, and the rest of the energy it takes in is released as heat. LED lighting uses nearly all of the energy it takes in for lighting, with only approximately 5% of energy released as heat. Getting an LED lighting retrofit helps you save money by lowering your energy bill and as an added benefit you will spend less money purchasing lightbulbs since LED lights last so much longer than other lightbulbs.

Home Upgrades
Another great way to save money by using less energy is by getting upgrades in the home that automatically lower power usage. For example, automatic thermostats will lower the heat during the day when no one is home and in the middle of the night when everyone is in bed underneath their warm blankets. The temperature will automatically be raised to a comfortable room temperature in the mornings and evenings when you and your family are at home so that you stay just as comfortable without the need for constant energy use. Electricians can help you install all kinds of energy-saving technology upgrades such as smart thermostats, motion-activated lighting, and other smart devices and appliances that let you turn them on and off, even when you’re not home.


Lower Your Energy Usage With Help From

A Calgary Electrician

If you want to avoid the added costs that come with raised energy prices, your only option is to use less energy. Investing a bit of money into long-term changes will create immediate results that last for many years, saving you money on every single energy bill. To reduce your energy consumption, contact a Calgary electrician to upgrade your home and show you how to reduce energy usage. Contact the expert electricians at Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electrical to perform an energy audit of your home, an LED retrofit, and suggest technology updates that can save you money. To book a consultation, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical at 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: How much does a consultation cost?
A: FM Lighting and Electrical offers a free consultation that includes:

  • An assessment of your electrical needs
  • Recommendations of the best products for your home or business
  • An effective and efficient solution design
  • A no-obligation quote

Q: What is a lighting retrofit?
A: A lighting retrofit is a process of replacing certain components in an already existing lighting system with more efficient, modern solutions. This allows you to avoid buying brand new lighting fixtures for your entire space, which saves significant amounts of money. Learn more by reading What Is Involved In An LED Retrofit?

Q: How do you know who is the right electrician to hire?
A: A great electrician is licensed, reputable, knowledgeable, and specializes in energy conservation and LED lighting. Read Choosing The Right LED Lighting Electrician to learn more.

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