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Calgary Lighting Maintenance

Good lighting design is very important in a room, regardless of whether you are going for a productive, relaxing, or cheerful atmosphere. An excellent lighting design strategy is key to helping you get the most out of your spaces in terms of both appearance and functionality.

It is important to ensure the lighting system is properly maintained, because with time, anything from mechanical wear and tear, to dimming bulbs, to external changes in the room can impact how your lighting looks. These key lighting maintenance tips from Calgary interior and exterior lighting specialists at Fluorescent man can give you an overview on how to keep your lighting looking and working just as well as it did when your system was first put in place.

Why does Calgary Interior Lighting and Exterior Lighting Maintenance Matter?

A lighting system maintenance plan might differ depending on whether it is designed for a Calgary commercial lighting client or a residential one, but many of the key benefits remain the same. Regular lighting maintenance for a lighting system can save both time and money by:

  • Conducting minor repairs on a regularly scheduled basis and all at once whenever possible, leading to less disruption for small repairs.
  • Helping to identify potential problems or larger issues before they create a significant inconvenience or “emergency”.

Calgary Commercial Lighting System Maintenance

Whether for a local business, office, or larger company, lighting can impact customer’s or client's perceptions of your atmosphere, as well as affect employees productivity. Key lighting maintenance strategies include:

  1. Regular Relamping

  • Some lights and lamps lose 20 percent to 30 percent of their light output over time, and should be replaced before they get too dim.
  • Many lighting experts recommend replacing all the lamps in a lighting system at once. This saves on labour costs and consistently keeps the lighting from getting too burnt-out.
  • It can be beneficial to have spare lights on hand in case any lights unexpectedly go out between scheduled relampings.

  1. Altering or renovating fixtures

  • New fixtures can be a useful part of a larger renovations project, or a standalone modification to a commercial property.
  • Replacing old fixtures with more up-to-date ones that are made for new lamps can allow you to switch to more cost-effective and energy-efficient Calgary commercial lighting products.

  1. Washing lamps

  • Washing lamps can be easily overlooked or dismissed as obvious, but plays an important role. Ensuring light can filter through the lamp correctly is just as important as making sure bulbs are replaced regularly.
  • Usually washing lamps when lights are changed is sufficient, but some environments might require dedicated cleanings on a more regular basis.

  1. Monitoring

  • A regular lighting maintenance schedule allows Calgary exterior lighting and interior lighting experts to monitor thing like energy uses or potential problem areas.

  1. Re-painting the room

  • Lighting doesn’t exist in a vacuum: It interacts with a room’s decor. Sometimes, the collection of dust, dirt, or simply fading paint can cause surfaces or walls within a space to loose their original look. This means that they will not interact with and reflect the lighting the same way they did when the system was initially designed.
  • Lighting experts suggest that for regular or high-traffic areas, the effect of lighting can be enhanced when a commercial area repaints small rooms every year and larger rooms every two or three years.

Calgary Residential Lighting System Maintenance

Just as a business should monitor their lighting, homeowners who wish to maintain their home lighting at an optimum level can hire a Calgary residential lighting expert to regularly inspect their home lighting system and make any necessary repairs. Some lighting maintenance strategies for homeowners include:

  • Using the appropriate cleaning techniques: different types of lighting fixtures can require different types of cleaning materials or techniques for safe and effective cleaning. Lighting fixtures may be made of materials ranging from aluminum and plastic to porcelain and synthetic enamels.
  • Using the proper lighting disposal techniques: some types of lights, such as Compact Fluorescent Lights, need to be disposed of at special drop off points in the same way that motor oil, paint cans, and other similar household items.
  • Choosing energy efficient bulbs as you replace new lights. This can save costs down the road. Additionally, regularly scheduled bulb replacements can give homeowners an opportunity to purchase energy-efficient light bulbs in bulk, which can further offset the costs of this.

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