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Preparing Your Calgary Signage For Spring

In the springtime, many businesses see an increase in foot traffic. Additionally, if you’re offering new products or updating your services for the upcoming warm weather, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. By upgrading their outdoor signage, Calgary business’ can boost their establishment’s curb appeal.

Preparing Your Calgary Signage For Spring

If you own a business in Calgary, you’re probably familiar with the toll that our ever-changing weather takes on brick-and-mortar locations. Winter snow, winds, and sun can easily damage and discolour signs. That’s why, as the cold weather thaws out, we’ll cover some of the key reasons why you should examine and repair your outdoor signage installation each spring.

1. Clean Your Sign

Over the course of the winter, your outdoor signage installation may have accumulated build up from snow, ice, and even road salt The first step to taking care of your signage this spring is to clean it off so that you can take stock of the situation.

If your sign is positioned high off the ground, enlist the help of our team: in addition to being lighting and electrical workers, we have a bucket truck and regularly perform maintenance for our clients in the Calgary area.

Bucket Truck Services


2. Inspect Your Sign For Damage

Once your sign is thoroughly clean, it is time to thoroughly examine it for both cosmetic and structural damage. If you notice any problems, it’s important to call Calgary lighting electrical specialists.

Examine your outdoor signage installation for:

  • cracks
  • holes
  • discolouration
  • chipped paint
  • rust
  • dim or flickering lights

If you see any of these signs of cosmetic damage, you should also have your lights checked for more in-depth issues.

This includes:

  • dirty, damaged, or burnt-out bulbs
  • rusted light fixture
  • damaged wiring

If you’re not sure how to carry out these tasks, or if your Calgary signage installation is too high up, give our team of lighting experts, electricians, and handymen a call.

Calgary Signage Repair


3. Upgrade Your Signage Installation

Calgary is a city with a great number of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Many well-established businesses are fixtures in their neighbourhoods. However, your sign is as old as your business, it may be time to upgrade. The right lighting and repair company can help you choose new lighting products, timers, and accessories for your needs.

Upgrading your signage can:

  • boost your sign’s brightness
  • help you save on energy costs
  • grab customer’s attention from farther away

Nowadays, neon, fluorescent, and halogen lights can all be replaced by LEDs, which can be customized to provide the same effect as your old lighting products with the added bonus of being longer-lasting and more stable in extreme temperatures. Also, in addition to the practical benefits, a new sign can breathe new life into your location and freshen up your establishment's exterior.

LED Retrofit


4. Make Sure Your Sign Is Being Shown In Its Best Light

The final step in prepping your signage for spring is ensuring it’s clearly visible to passerby.

  • If you have a driveway sign near the entryway to your building, ensure that any shrubs or flowers around it are neatly trimmed and don’t block the wording.
  • Similarly, if you have a large pylon sign, ensure that no trees are blocking the way.
  • If your sign is located above your entryway, ensure that nearby gutters are clean and that any awning that may be covering it is in good conditions.

If your establishment is open at night, ensure your sign is visible, but don't stop there. A lone pylon sign casting a single pool of light from above, or one large poster sign can contrast with a dark, poorly-lit exterior or a dark, vacant parking lot in an off-putting way. Complimenting your sign with a well-lit parking lot and ambient lighting can help your location appear safer and more appealing. 

Parking Lot Lighting


Get In In Touch With Our Calgary Outdoor Signage Experts

If you’re ready to get your business ready for spring, give our experienced team a call. Not only can we provide any inspection and repair services your signage may require, we’re also able to provide landscaping and handyman services to boost your business’ curb appeal. Give us a call at 403-863-8529 or message us online for a free quote.

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