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Holiday Decorating With Calgary Bucket Truck Service

Do you want beautiful exterior lighting for your Calgary home this holiday season?

Read these tips on how bucket truck services from Calgary residential lighting experts can help you with three different types of holiday lighting installation..

1. Calgary Exterior Lighting: Window Decor

There are endless options for decorating your windows during the holiday season. These include:

  • Designs that include paint that recreates the look of frost and snow
  • Painted holiday scenes and designs
  • Winter decor classics such as wreaths

No matter how you choose to decorate your window panes, you can keep the display visible all night with well-chosen Christmas lighting. Lighting that is designed to showcase or enhance the look of your holiday window decoration can include:

  • LED candles on the inside window sill
  • Classic Christmas lights for the outside frame (we recommend energy-efficient LED lights)
  • LED lighting strips designed for either indoor or outdoor use can provide a more neutral showcase for window decor
  • Christmas lights with multiple settings that can flash, fade, or change colours

For the installation of window-related exterior lighting, Calgary residential lighting specialists at Fluorescent Man recommend:

  • Ensuring you are using energy-efficient lights that are designed for outdoor use
  • Utilizing a Calgary bucket truck service for easy installation of window trim and to clean windows to showcase any decorations on the other side of the glass

2. Calgary Exterior Lighting: Roof Decor

There are few holiday scenes more recognizable than Santa Claus and his reindeer on a roof! This style of holiday decor is sure to make your home stand out. However, installing this kind of Christmas display means climbing up ladders and onto the roof. In winter months, where it gets dark early and can be icy and cold, the option of a Calgary bucket truck service can be incredibly useful.

  • A bucket truck eliminates the risk of icy or unstable ladders
  • Additionally, homeowners can be certain the installation is being conducted by an experienced professional handyman.

3. Calgary Exterior Lighting: House Decor

There are many options for decorating the siding of a home with illuminated signs, lights, and decorations. Installing these displays can help turn your home into a magical winter escape. By hiring a professional with the expertise of a Calgary bucket truck service, you can take your decorating to the next level:

  • Exterior lighting specialists can ensure that the positioning of attachments and hooks, and power sources are hidden
  • Bucket trucks can provide additional maneuverability when attaching lighting to areas of the house such as under ledges and eaves
  • Safely add lighting designs or ornaments to the siding of your house, which can turn your home into the canvas for a whimsical holiday scene

Want to Learn more

To learn more about how our Calgary bucket truck service and experienced staff can help you with holiday decorating, contact us by phone at 403-863-8529 during regular business hours. You can also reach us through our contact form. Our Calgary location is open from 9 to 5 on weekdays. For general information about Calgary residential lighting, browse our blog.

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