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9 Facts Everyone Should Know About Intelligent Lighting

Do you remember growing up and hearing your dad yelling about turning off lights when you leave a room?  “You’re wasting electricity and running up my bill!”  Oh the good ole days… Well, dad was right, you are wasting energy and money leaving lights on for no reason.  This is huge issue with businesses too; a typical house has an electric bill of ~$200/month, where a large industrial factory uses up enough electricity to produce a monthly bill of $1 million.  Yikes! 

Intelligent Lighting Systems are wired to control an entire building or warehouse’s light distribution and therefore energy consumption.  Here are some facts about this latest technology that you probably aren’t aware of:

1.  Intelligent Lighting Systems are powered by the all mighty and very intelligent LED lights (LEDs are deemed intelligent because of their ability to work with other systems and because their controls can be automated, reducing human involvement and saving energy).

2.  According to a 2013 report by Freedonia, the need for global Intelligent Lighting Systems are expected to grow by more than 12% every year.

3.  These systems produce less heat than traditional ones, have a longer lifespan, and are extremely low maintenance.

4.  Intelligent Lighting Systems are often combined with high speed cameras to produce slow motion scenes in movies.

5.  These lights are very popular for food commercials since they showcase texture and colour very well.  No wonder I’m always hungry after those commercials…

6.  Intelligent Lighting Systems are used to entice tourism – they make your hometown glow in a beautiful luminous fashion, catching the eye of travellers.

7.  These systems are used to enhance your mood and control the ambiance of Hospital Rooms, Hotel Rooms, Bars, Restaurants and Clubs by changing the colour and texture of the walls.

8.  By 2020, Aruba plans to sustain its energy use by only installing LEDs throughout the island and all public establishments significantly reducing energy costs.

9.  Horticulturalists are using Intelligent Lighting Systems to grow various plants – great news for people who live in a climate like Canada!

Intelligent Lighting Systems and other new automated systems are handling our “small stuff” because we’re human and we forget to turn the lights off sometimes. Most importantly these systems are society’s way of being accountable, not only for our pocketbooks but for the environment too. 
Questions about your lighting systems?  Residential, Office, Interior or Exterior Lighting, we have options for you. Give Fluorescent Man Lighting a call today at 403.863.8529 and ask about our comprehensive maintenance package!

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