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What Is Smart LED Lighting?

What Is Smart LED Lighting?

Technology that is referred to as “smart” stands for self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology. For the average user, smart technology essentially refers to simplified technology services that are often connected to a central control, such as your smartphone or a main panel. These systems are often activated using a touch screen or a remote and they are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. Smart LED lighting is the same. These technologically advanced lights are designed to be user friendly and improve your life. Smart LED lighting also offers environmental and energy-saving benefits.

Smart LED Lighting

Motion Sensors
Motion sensors are both a practical and cost-efficient feature of smart LED lighting. Motion sensors will turn lights on if there is motion in the room and they will automatically turn off when no motion is detected. This feature is very beneficial for commercial spaces including offices, schools, and public washrooms since the lights can be off when rooms aren’t in use. This can be a huge money saver especially when electricity costs are up. Motion sensors can also be used in the home to help save energy by automatically turning the lights off in rooms that aren’t in use. In addition to the typical energy-saving features of LED lighting, motion sensors are a way to save energy and money.

Colour Control
One of the benefits specific to LED lighting is the range of colours offered. LED lighting is most commonly a bright, cool-toned light that is white with a tinge of blue. This lighting mimics natural light and tends to make a space feel airy and open. But this isn’t the only setting for LED lighting. Unlike incandescent bulbs that come in one static lighting temperature (cool or warm), LED lighting is dynamic and can display almost the entire spectrum lighting temperatures, giving you the ability to change your lighting from bright, natural-looking light to a warmer yellow light that imitates candlelight. Beyond this, LED lighting can be any colour it is set to: red, purple, turquoise, and more. Smart LED lighting can give you the ability to switch your lighting colour without changing bulbs and with smart LED lighting, you can control the colour from a remote or your smartphone.

Remote Capabilities
One of the greatest appeals of smart LED lighting is its ability to be controlled beyond the classic light switch. Smart LED lighting gives you the ability to have manual remote control as well as automated control.

  • Phone Control
    Smart LED lighting lets you control your light from your phone. Beyond turning your light on and off from the comfort of your bed or couch, you can control the brightness and colour of your LED lighting from your smartphone as well. This gives you the ability to dim the lights before settling in to watch a movie or to turn the lights off before you go to sleep instead of trying to find your bed in the dark.
  • Hub-Controlled Smart Lighting
    Instead of relying on your smartphone to turn the lights off, you can also set up systems that automatically change the lighting. For example, you may want to set a timed control that switches your bright, natural light to warm candlelight in the evening to help you relax as you prepare for sleep. You can also time lights so that they automatically shut off when you leave for work or you can set your lights to turn on and off so it looks like you are at home even if you are away for the week; this is a good way to help deter theft when you aren’t home. You could even set your lights up to turn blue when your favourite sad song comes on. However you want to set up your customized lighting in your home, smart LED lighting can help you achieve it.


Ask A Professional About Smart LED Lighting

If you already have a home set up for LED lighting, you can buy some smart lights and step into the world of smart lighting. However, if your home is not set up for LED lighting, consider an LED retrofit from a professional lighting expert. Retrofitting is the addition of new technology components and accessories so that your existing home lighting system and fixtures are compatible with LED lighting. You should also call a lighting specialist if you want to use hub-controlled smart LED lighting, as this will need the expertise of an electrician. If you’re ready for smart LED lighting in your Calgary home, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electrical at 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: Can LED bulbs be installed indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes! The Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical residential lighting consultants can quickly and efficiently retrofit both your interior lighting fixtures and exterior lighting fixtures to be compatible with LED technology. LED lighting also operates better in cold conditions than traditional lighting. Learn about the benefits of outdoor LED lighting by reading The Benefits Of LED For Exterior Lighting.

Q: What is a lighting retrofit?
A: LED lighting retrofit is a process of replacing certain components in an already existing lighting system with more efficient, modern solutions. This allows you to avoid buying brand new lighting fixtures for your entire space, which saves significant amounts of money.

Q: Is an LED retrofit a better deal than just buying a new light fixture?
A: Yes, it is a significantly more affordable option. LED retrofits exist for those who do not want to purchase a whole new lighting system for their home or business. Instead, an LED retrofit will upgrade your current fixtures and will save you money in the long term. Schedule a free consultation with a lighting contractor to get an estimate for an LED retrofit.

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