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Important Facts About Switching To LED

Important Facts About Switching To LED

Light emitting diode, or LED, lighting is slowly but surely taking over the world of lighting. While many large businesses have already made the switch, it is now becoming commonplace for LED lighting to make appearances in residential lighting and to be incorporated into the lighting design of the home. If you’re considering switching to LED bulbs in your home, you should know why lighting specialists love LED lighting and what it can offer you. Here are some of the main reasons why LED lighting is convenient, eco-friendly, and even fun.

How LED Lighting Benefits Homeowners

LED Lighting Uses Less Energy
One of the most appealing factors of LED lighting is the huge difference in energy requirements between incandescent and LED lights. Incandescent lights only convert about 10% of energy into light while the rest is emitted as heat. This causes the light to use a lot of energy without producing much light and it also makes incandescent bulbs fire hazards. If incandescent bulbs are left on for a long time or if fabric is placed over them, they can quickly become dangerous. LED lighting, on the other hand, converts nearly all of its energy into light with only a small amount of energy (approximately 5%) being released as heat. This makes LED lighting more energy-efficient and helps lower your household carbon footprint.

LED Lighting Lasts Longer
LED lights can last for nearly 30 times longer than an incandescent bulb and some LED lights can last over 20 years with average use. This will reduce how often you buy lightbulbs and therefore save you money while being exceptionally convenient. It also helps to keep more lightbulbs out of landfills or recycling plants. While some types of lightbulbs are recyclable, it still takes energy to recycle them and the best solution for fighting waste is to limit the amount of waste produced.

LED Lighting Comes In Multiple Colours
When people think of LED lighting, they often think of a very crisp white colour or even mildly blue tones. When people think of incandescent lighting, they think of warm yellow tones. While incandescent lighting only comes in yellowed tones, LED lighting can actually be made to accommodate any desired colour. For the daytime, you may want brighter and whiter daylight bulbs to keep your energy up, but you can also set LED lights to warmer tones in the evening. But the possibilities don’t end there; you can also get LED lights in any colour of your choice, including blue, green, fuchsia, and more! Whether you buy your LED lights with a predetermined colour or you buy lights that can change colour (often on a timer or controlled via smartphone) LED lighting offers a variety of lighting colour choices.

Residential LED Lighting Services In Calgary

While some LED lighting can screw right into your lighting socket, other LED lighting may require an LED retrofit. An LED retrofit is essentially a conversion of an existing lighting fixture to an LED lighting fixture. Taking the step of getting an LED retrofitting can help upgrade your home and lower your utility bill. If you’re ready for the savings, positive environmental impact, and added ambiance that LED lighting can provide, contact the lighting design experts at Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical at 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form. Our residential lighting specialists can help you set up the ideal residential lighting design for your home.


Q: Is an LED retrofit cheaper than just buying a new light fixture?
A: Yes, it is a significantly cheaper option. LED retrofits exist for those who do not want to purchase a whole new lighting system for their home. Instead, an LED retrofit will upgrade your current fixture and will save you money in the long term. Schedule a free consultation with a lighting contractor to get an estimate for an LED retrofit.

Q: Can LED bulbs be installed indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes! The Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical residential lighting consultants can quickly and efficiently retrofit both your interior lighting fixtures and exterior lighting fixtures to be compatible with LED technology. LED lighting also operates better in cold conditions than traditional lighting.

Q: What kinds of LED retrofits are there?
A: There are several different types of LED retrofits that you can choose from: 

  • LED troffer light
  • LED strip light
  • LED vapour tight fixture
  • LED tubes

A Fluorescent Man lighting specialist can help you decide which LED lighting is best for your home.

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