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Signs It's Time To Switch LED Lighting

Signs It's Time To Switch LED Lighting

Since its invention, the lightbulb has been symbolic of the advancement of electricity use and technology. The simple lightbulb continued to evolve from its first several iterations and now we have LED lighting as the most up-to-date and advanced form of lighting. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, the type of lighting your building started with may be outdated. Now, most people use LED lighting in their homes and in large commercial buildings. If you’re unsure if it might be worth switching from your current lighting to LED lighting, here are some easy ways for you to determine when it’s time for an update.

How To Know When To Switch To LED Lighting

High Energy Bill
After the recent energy price increase in Alberta, many homeowners and business owners are searching for ways to cut costs and make their energy bills more affordable. LED lighting can help you to use less electricity, lowering your energy bill. LED lighting only loses about 5% of energy as heat, whereas incandescent lightbulbs lose approximately 90% of their converted energy as heat. By switching to LED lighting, you get to use more of the power you are paying for while reducing your overall energy usage.

A Need For Relevant Technology
LED lighting is the future of lighting. As more people search for everyday eco-friendly solutions, fewer home and business owners use incandescent lighting or fluorescent lighting. Because LED lighting is so common, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find a variety of LED lighting for sale both commercial and for residential use. LED lighting also offers high-tech advantages, such as easy smart lighting capabilities, including colour-changing options that can be controlled by a remote, a mobile device, or a hub.

Less Maintenance
LED lighting is very long lasting compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. LED lights, on average, last about 50,000 hours, compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs which only last anywhere from 1,000 to 8,500 hours. For the average household consumer, this means fewer lightbulb purchases and reduced need to go up and down a ladder. For businesses, this means significantly reduced lighting maintenance expenses. When a store, warehouse, office, or company sign needs lights replaced, this typically involves calling in specialized service providers who can safely install industrial lights and who have ladders tall enough to do so. Reduced lighting maintenance reduces this expense and potential interruption to the workday.

Reliable Lighting
Often, when fluorescent lighting is damaged, it will flicker. This could be due to a faulty ballast or starter, but it could just be that the lightbulb is too cold, too hot, or has been exposed to too much moisture. These same problems do not occur when you use LED lighting, which actually works significantly better in the cold than fluorescent lighting. In general, LED lighting is simpler to use and creates more consistent, reliable light.

Upgrade To LED Lighting With An LED Retrofit

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, now is a great time to upgrade to LED lighting. To upgrade your fluorescent or incandescent lighting to LED lighting, hire a specialist or electrician in Calgary with top-notch qualifications, extensive experience, and excellent value. The Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical team has over 25 years of experience and has been a trusted authority in everything lighting-related for both commercial and residential clients throughout Calgary. Call 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form to book a complimentary consultation for your LED installation or retrofit.


Q: What are the drawbacks of LED lighting?
A: The initial cost of LED lights is generally higher than that of fluorescent lights, though LED lights are more cost-efficient in the long run. Fluorescent lighting may be less expensive for short-term lighting solutions, but LED lighting is more affordable for longer periods.

Q: What is a lighting retrofit?
A: LED lighting retrofit is a process of replacing certain components in an already existing lighting system with more efficient, modern solutions. This allows you to avoid buying brand new lighting fixtures for your entire space, which saves significant amounts of money.

Q: Are all of my existing fixtures able to be retrofitted?
A: The vast majority of existing lighting fixtures can be adapted to accept LED lighting. If you are concerned that you have custom or dated fixtures that may not be able to be retrofitted, contact our team of electricians at FM Lighting and Electrical. We will come out and do a complimentary assessment and create a quote for retrofitting all of your fixtures.

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