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5 Little Ways To Make A Big Impact With Your Business Sign

When it comes to your business, we all know the importance of image, reputation and of course, advertising. Regardless of the size of your company and the amount of available funds, it’s imperative to display your brand to consumers and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the use of business signs.

Here are some tips to consider with your business signage:

Location, Location, Location:  Just like real estate, location matters.  You want to make sure that your sign is actually visible and placed in a highly trafficked area.  Depending on your building and how it’s positioned, you may have a variety of options to place your sign.   

Do Your Homework:  Be sure that you’re aware of all laws and regulations in your area prior to positioning your sign. Understanding what’s allowed on the property may affect the size and placement of your sign.

Lighting:  Install LED lights with your business sign to improve visibility and save your company a significant amount money on utility bills.  While you’re at it, you should replace your entire office space with LEDs with long lasting LED Lighting. Companies who neglect to promptly change burnt lights may find they lose potential business because of it.  LEDs will make your business bright and crisp while reducing the amount of maintenance needed AND save you a ton of money.

Size Up the Competition:  We all keep a watchful eye on our competitors and for good reason.  Check out what they’re doing so you know how to distinguish yourself and your brand.  Your sign should be engaging and reflective of your business, so have fun with it.

Patience Is a Virtue:  Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your sign.  This investment will require some creativity, planning and manufacturing.  Allow time for your sleek and durable sign to be made properly.  You want it to entice consumers but you also want it to endure Mother Nature. 

Today’s market is competitive and constantly changing.  One thing is for sure, if you don’t get your name out there, no one will ever know it.  Going back to basics with modern spins (A.K.A using quality business signs with LEDs) will help you leave a lasting impression. 
Do you need to retrofit your business sign with LEDs?  Give Fluorescent Man Lighting a call today at 403.863.8529 and ask about our commercial lighting.

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