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Lighting Design Trends For 2022

Lighting Design Trends For 2022

Interior lighting design is specific to the person and the room, with different options for style, lighting types, and lighting needs. The design of your lighting can be a decorative focal point that adds to the look of the room and makes it feel complete, while also performing essential lighting functions. When a space is appropriately lit and the lighting fixtures complement and add to the decor, it creates a space that is comprehensive and entirely your own. As more people spend time at home, perhaps even working from home, having proper lighting is important for boosting your mood and making you comfortable in the space. If you are looking for lighting design inspiration, check out these trends for the new year.

Trends For Lighting In Your Space

Lights As A Focal Point. Lighting as a focal point is a classic idea harkening back to the popularity of chandeliers, but now it is expected to take on a new modern and adaptable look. Finding or creating light fixtures that work with the size and motif of the room can transform the space. Making the lighting a central point in the room while dialing back other design elements creates an elevated and sophisticated look.

Sculptural Lighting. Having a sculptural light as your main light is a great way to make it a focal point, but if that doesn’t suit the look of the room or if the room feels too small for that, sculptural lamps are another option. Bold shapes and creative designs make your lamps go from lighting to art and can be used to accentuate other aspects of the room. Whether it is an accent colour, a material, or perhaps a shape present elsewhere in the room, your lamp can complement the space, art, or furniture. Floor lamps also offer the chance to brighten up any shady corners and give the room a lighter look or quite literally cast light on art in the farthest corners of the room.

Utilizing Reflections And Shadows. While ceiling lights create a focal point, consider how your room interacts with the light it casts. Are there mirrors reflecting the light? Are there areas where the light is less direct that make it a cozy spot? Lighting doesn’t have to be about filling a space with light, it can be about doing it with purpose while knowing what you want out of the space.

Optimizing Symmetry. Having two lamps on either side of an area, be it a mantle, a bed, or a mirror, is a classic look that makes a space appear balanced. Complimenting your symmetrical lighting with other symmetrical features can make a room seem put together and debonair.

Adding Colour. Unexpected and uplifting hues are the mood needed for 2022. This style works particularly well with folk and boho looks as well as modern spaces and lightwood cabins. Utilizing colourful lamps and lighting fixtures complements other colourful accents in the room. 

Don’t Forget The Bedroom. Bedroom lighting is crucial for 2 reasons: the bedroom is where you start and end your day and light affects sleep. Bedrooms are a great place for a lighting feature and hue of light that makes you feel refreshed, but there should also be good bedside lamps that allow for a more subdued, low light. Since bedrooms often remain dark, having lamps that offer a shapely silhouette is ideal.

Layer Lighting. You’re home at all times of the day, particularly if you work from home, so try to vary your lighting. Having a lamp on your work table that offers a more serious, office feel may help you get into the headspace for work, but changing the type of lighting will help further. LED lighting is perfect for the daytime as it offers bright white light that can help you feel energized since LED lighting is closer to mimicking sunlight than other types of lighting. In the evening, you may want to switch to a lower, warmer or diffused light that will help you get ready to settle into bed.

Calgary Lighting Experts Can Transform Your Space

If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s lighting design to create a space that suits your needs while looking and feeling bright, call the lighting specialists at Fluorescent Man Lighting And Electrical. Our Calgary lighting team will work with you to develop the best lighting design based on your needs, wants, and available spaces. Our in-depth, customer-focused lighting consultation will allow a melding of the expertise of our lighting specialists and your individual vision to come together to create a space you love. To upgrade your interior lighting design, call out lighting experts at 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: What are the three types of interior lighting?
A: The three types of interior lighting are:

  • Ambient lighting. This is commonly known as general lighting and serves as the primary source of light for a certain room.
  • Task Lighting. This lighting illuminates the task a person is performing such as reading. An example of task lighting would be a desk lamp.
  • Accent Lighting. This is used mainly to focus on a specific point of interest or to achieve the desired effect.

Q: Can you re-do my lighting in my current home?
A: Yes, we can. If your home needs a lighting upgrade or you wish to transform a space with a new beautiful lighting setup, contact the lighting experts at Fluorescent Man Lighting in Calgary at 1-403-863-8529.

Q: Can LED lighting systems come with integrated control systems?
A: LED lighting can be controlled through various devices with mobile apps and can even provide features such as motion detection, timers, and dimmers.

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