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Lighting 101: Tips for Interior Lighting

Lighting 101: Tips for Interior Lighting

Upgrading your interior lighting is a great way to give your home a facelift and change the mood of any room. Interior lighting helps to change the entire look of your home, where your eyes are drawn, and the feeling of each room. Lighting settings can be customized for different lighting usage and effects depending on the room. Changing your interior lighting with the help of a professional is a simple way to reinvigorate your home. If you want to update your interior lighting, you first need to know how lighting can be customized. Here are some important things to consider while planning your interior lighting upgrades.

What You Should Know About Interior Lighting

The 4 Types Of Lighting
Knowing the 4 main types of lighting will help you create your interior lighting design by making thoughtful and purposeful choices.

  1. Ambient
    This is the general lighting of the room produced by the main lighting fixture. Ambient lighting is used to flood the room with uniform levels of light so that you can easily perform tasks in the room. To determine the type of ambient lighting you want, consider what that room is used for in daily life.
  2. Task
    This type of lighting is specific to the task it illuminates. A typical example of task lighting is a reading lamp, but task lighting can be anything that needs concentrated and targeted lighting. To determine what task lighting you may need, consider if any shadows limit you while trying to perform tasks in certain areas and consider what tasks you do in which part of your home.
  3. Accent
    Accent lighting directs focus and changes visual perception. For example, if you want to highlight art in your home you may have a lamp that directs light onto the display piece. Think about the presentation of your home and what you would like people to notice to determine your accent lighting.
  4. Decorative
    This can refer to the light itself or the fixture it comes from. For example, many lamps are designed to be an interesting visual feature within a room. Decorative lighting can also be used to change the mood or feel of a room, such as a strip of lights along the kitchen backsplash or behind the TV. Consider your colour scheme and aesthetic to choose decorative lighting.

To learn more about interior lighting, read Lighting 101: The Different Types Of Lighting For Your Home

Lighting Colours
Lighting naturally comes in different tones. Traditionally, indoor home lighting was warm and yellow toned to mimic candlelight. But contemporary lighting comes in different tones of varying temperature and brightness levels. LED lighting can be cool-toned and bright white, or even blue-tinged. This mimics natural daylight and can help energize a room. LED lighting can also come in warm yellow tones and these days, any colour of the rainbow. You will likely want to choose your colouration based on the purpose of the room, the mood you want, and the amount of natural lighting available. For example, if you have a reading den, you may want a warm-toned light to make it cozier, but in a kitchen or bathroom you may want white light so the space feels more open.

Smart Lighting
Before you design your interior lighting, consider if you want to update your lighting so that it is smart technology compatible. You can upgrade the functionality of your interior lighting by setting up smart interior lighting so that you can control your lights from your smart device or home lighting hub. You can also include features such as a light dimmer, colour-changing lights, timed lighting, and more. To learn more about smart interior lighting, read What Is Smart LED Lighting?

Upgrade Your Interior Lighting With Fluorescent Man Lighting

If you are ready to light up your life with upgraded interior lighting, contact the lighting specialists from Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical. Our lighting experts will help you determine what lighting is right for your home so that each room can have the ambiance you desire. With superb design and professional installation, our interior lighting experts have the creative skills to provide the best possible lighting solution for any setting. To learn more about our lighting design services or to book a FREE, no-obligation consultation with a Calgary electrician, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical by phone at 403-863-8529 or through our online contact form.


Q: Will I have a say in what lighting options my designer chooses?
A: Your lighting designer will select lighting options with your approval based on your needs, budget, and preferences. Before installing the lights and purchasing them, they will go over their lighting plan with you to make sure you will be 100% satisfied with the results.

Q: Can you re-do my lighting in my current home?
A: Yes, we can. If your home needs a lighting upgrade or you wish to transform a space with a new beautiful lighting setup, contact Fluorescent Man Lighting at 403-863-8529.

Q: Can lighting design change the value of my home?
A: Yes. Proper lighting makes your home safer while improving the look of your home. Upgrading your interior lighting to LED lighting can also reduce your energy usage and lower the cost of your energy bill. Whether you are looking to sell your home or you want to enjoy some interior lighting upgrades, read 4 Interior Lighting Design Tips to Boost Your Home’s Value Fast.

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