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Calgary Lighting Installation Trends

With a new year comes new home decor trends. Because of this, January is the perfect time to take the latest styles into account if you are planning on redecorating your home.  

Whether you’re planning on renewing the decor a room that has been needing refreshing for a little while, or aiming to renovate and update the look of your entire home, lighting can be a key part of your remodeling gameplan.

When planning on redecorating, renovating, or updating your, lighting should not be left out because:

  • It has an impact on the way the rest of your decor looks: color, texture, and architecture can all be influenced, highlighted, or accentuated by the type of lighting that you choose

  • Lighting can influence the mood and atmosphere: the brightness and placement of lights can make the same room seem vastly different: bright atmospheres can seem cheerful or productive; dimmer lights can lend a space a relaxed or romantic feel

  • Light fixtures and lamps can serve as part of the decor: from modern LED strip lighting to vintage style fixtures, the options are endless and can add to the decor style of the room. In fact, some stylists and interior decorating experts at Vogue suggest that “quirky lighting fixtures” will be one of the key interior decorating trends in 2017
With this in mind, here are a few trends in residential and commercial lighting Calgary home and business owners can look forward to seeing in 2017:

1. Energy Efficient Lighting

Over the course of the last ten years, energy efficient lighting and LED lighting have become increasingly popular. Minimalist, clean-looking LED styles, can tap into the the modern and minimalist trend while also saving you money.

For homes in Calgary, exterior lighting with LED patio, pool, and walkway lights will likely continue to gain traction.

2. Carefully Selected Details

Some interior decorating experts suggest that even the smallest details of home lighting will get an updated treatment in the upcoming year. For example, it will likely become more popular to select interesting plates for lighting switches.

  • To build off of this, we would suggest stepping up your home lighting style even further by taking the opportunity to have your lighting controls updated for additional control over each room’s ambience

  • This style can also be a useful for businesses in Calgary: commercial lighting is usually subtle, but a stylish lighting control panel can be a simple way to make your business or office more personalized while still looking uncluttered and functional

3. Nature Themes

Nature themes are becoming more prevalent as an inspiration for lighting. Motifs such as birds and plants have inspired the designs of chandeliers and pendant lights. These styles can lend a delicate appearance to a statement chandelier, or a fashionable touch to smaller fixtures and lamps.

  • Floor or table lamps and pendant lights are a great way to incorporate trendier decor styles into your home: they are easily installed, moved, and changed if your decorating style evolves

4. An Industrial Edge

While warmer hues, nature themes, and rich jewel tones may be coming into vogue, that’s not the only decor trend. The minimalist trend is still going strong, with many opting to commercial-industrial feel to spaces. This is good news for businesses in Calgary: commercial lighting is well suited to this type of clean, stylish edge.

  • This trend is also great for homes that are in favour of a more minimalist look, or for Calgary exterior lighting, because minimalist and linear styles won’t overwhelm the outside of the home

  • Some designers cite stylish and metallic downward-reflecting luminaires as an easy way to add this decor style to your home or business in Calgary

5. Metallic Materials

There here are numerous options for metallic finishes to fixtures. For the most up-to-date look, opt for darker steel or more yellow and brown based gold-toned or bronze lighting fixtures.

6. Updating Your Decor? Update Your Lighting To Showcase A New Colour Palette

Every year brings new palettes of hot interior and exterior design colors. Warm tones are becoming more popular for accents, and jewel tones are some of the most sought-after shades for both furniture and walls. If you’re planning on adding any of these on-trend shades to your home, make sure to adjust your lighting to properly illuminate and highlight it.

  • Smaller, darker, or north-faced rooms might need additional lighting to compensate for these darker hues

  • Complement your bold new paint job by using layered lighting, pendant lights of different lengths, or even daylight bulbs

  • Opting for lights and chandeliers with fewer shades can also brighten your space

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