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4 Simple Ways to Light Up Your Office Boardroom Correctly

Are you looking to upgrade the look and atmosphere of your boardroom? Here are some simple and easy commercial lighting tips to follow. 

Lighting is often an overlooked and underappreciated aspect of any business, but in reality, taking the time to carefully select the right type of commercial lighting is crucial, because it will affect:

  • the number of sales you make
  • employee productivity
  • the security of your company
  • the health, happiness, and satisfaction of your customers and employees

Affordable and Quality Commercial Lighting Design and Installation in Calgary

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, we understand the importance of the right commercial lighting design. Whatever your business, we have the ideas, equipment, and expertise to meet all your specific needs and help improve the productivity and sales of your organisation.


How to Create The Right Lighting For Your Commercial Boardrooms

Selecting the right type of lighting design for commercial spaces such as boardrooms is very important in order to maximize productivity, concentration, and well-being.

Here are some simple tips on choosing the right light products to help your team work better and get the most out of meetings:

1. Consider The Light Intensity

The most important part of your meeting room is the table. This is where meetings are held, new projects are discussed, daily tasks are followed up on, and much more. It’s here where your lighting is VERY important.

If the table is underlit - this can cause eye strain and tired vision, which leads to a loss in concentration.

If the table is overlit, this can lead to glare and significant visual discomfort, also reducing the productivity of the meeting.

This is why your conference table must be optimally lit. It is recommended that a meeting-room desk must have a light intensity of 500 lux with a colour rendering index of 80 Ra. Have no idea what this means? Our commercial lighting experts can help you find the right light intensity for your boardrooms.


2. Choose The Correct Number And Placement For Fixtures

To improve the efficiency and speed of every activity that takes place in the boardroom, it’s important to ensure that the light is balanced evenly on the table. This is done by aligning your lighting fixtures with the shape of the table.

Small Square Table: A single fixture or a handful of recessed spots are sufficient to give you the balance you need.  

Longer table: You might want to consider wider fixtures or a higher number of fixtures so they can distribute the light evenly over 10-16 sitting places.


3. Use Dimmer Switches For Enhanced Flexibility

Meeting rooms are not only used for one purpose. They can be required for staff meetings, conference calls, or even be used a place where presentations are given. That’s why the lighting must provide enough flexibility to handle these different situations.

Most commercial lighting experts will recommend you use dimmable lighting in your meeting rooms. They have numerous benefits, including lower energy bills and added bulb longevity. Plus, they are easily adjustable, thereby giving you more control over your commercial space.

Lighting Tips For Commercial Spaces


4. Showcase Your Style

In most companies, boardrooms are often used to close important deals with business partners, so why not make an impressive statement with your lighting fixtures to win over their confidence and trust?

Some modern and fun ideas for commercial lighting fixtures that can really add personality to your rooms include:

  • pendant lights
  • chandeliers
  • industrial light fixtures

Remember: While lighting is important to help set the right ambience in a conference room, it can also be a way for you to have some fun with the interior design and make it a focal point of the room.


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