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Should I Upgrade My Fluorescent Lighting to LED?

Should I Upgrade My Fluorescent Lighting to LED?

For many years, fluorescent lighting was the most popular form of lighting in commercial buildings. Stores, warehouses, office buildings, schools; fluorescent lighting was everywhere. But as LED lighting technology advances and the benefits become increasingly apparent, many commercial spaces are making lighting changes. While fluorescent lighting has served its purpose for years, this type of technology is now outdated and LED lighting can offer far more benefits for daily use as well as practicality and cost over time. Installing LED lighting instead of fluorescent lighting can offer you several benefits.

The Benefits Of LED Lighting Over Fluorescent Lighting

Reduced Energy Usage
LED lights are the most environmentally friendly lights on the market. These bulbs use significantly less energy than fluorescent lights and they last much longer, creating less waste in the form of dead light bulbs. LED lighting uses approximately 40% less energy than fluorescent bulbs and they last over 40,000 hours longer.

Less Necessary Maintenance
Because of their long lifespan, LED lights need to be replaced less frequently, meaning fewer expenses for lighting replacements. Even if an LED retrofit is required when a building is switched from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, this is a one-time service. An LED retrofit typically doesn’t involve any alterations to the ceiling, making the installation quicker than other electrical conversions. To learn more about how LED lighting is installed, read How To Convert Fluorescent Tube Lighting To LED Lighting.

Better Lighting
Have you ever heard a continuous hum in your building? That’s the sound of the fluorescent lights and this hum will only get worse as the prongs of the fluorescent lights get bent or dusty over time. LED lighting doesn’t create this buzz and the lighting quality itself is better. LED lights tend to flicker less than fluorescent lights and the light cast by LED is brighter, more even, and comes in more varieties of tones.

Lighting Colour Temperatures
Unlike fluorescent lighting and incandescent lighting, LED lights can come in a variety of lighting colour tones. These lighting colours range from daylight white which tends to be more blue-toned and cool, to candlelight, which tends to be more yellow-toned. Businesses often want more white and blue-toned lights to help mimic daylight inside of a large building, but smaller rooms or parts of a home typically may call for a more yellow-toned light.

Sensor Compatibility
LED lighting offers a specific advantage for buildings with automatic lighting. Fluorescent bulbs deteriorate quicker if they are repeatedly turned on and off, but LED lights do not have this same limitation. The lifespan of LED lights is not affected by how often they are turned off or on. This helps to both extend the life of the lights in your building while also helping to save energy, as automatic lights make sure your lighting is only being used when it is necessary.

Change Your Fluorescent Lighting To LED Lighting With An LED Retrofit

If you are ready to upgrade your space and start saving costs, switch to LED lighting. This type of lighting will improve your space while saving you money. To upgrade your fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, hire a specialist or electrician in Calgary who combines top-notch qualifications, extensive experience, and excellent value. The Fluorescent Man Lighting and Electrical team has over 25 years of experience and has been a trusted authority in everything lighting-related for both commercial and residential clients throughout Calgary. Call 1-403-863-8529 or fill out the online contact form to book a complimentary consultation for your LED installation or retrofit.


Q: What is a lighting retrofit?
A: LED lighting retrofit is a process of replacing certain components in an already existing lighting system with more efficient, modern solutions. This allows you to avoid buying brand new lighting fixtures for your entire space, which saves significant amounts of money.

Q: Is an LED retrofit a better deal than just buying a new light fixture?
A: Yes, it is a significantly more affordable option. LED retrofits exist for those who do not want to purchase a whole new lighting system for their home or business. Instead, an LED retrofit will upgrade your current fixtures and will save you money in the long term. Schedule a free consultation with a lighting contractor to get an estimate for an LED retrofit.

Q: What kinds of LED retrofits are there?
A: There are several different types of LED retrofits that you can choose from: 

  • LED troffer light
  • LED strip light
  • LED vapour tight fixture
  • LED tubes

A Fluorescent Man lighting specialist can help you decide which LED lighting is best for your home.

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