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Selling Your Home? Add Value With Lighting!

Calgary currently has a large number of both commercial and residential properties available. How do you make your home or office stand out among competitors? Lighting may be one of the deciding factors. 

We’ve long written about how the right lighting can completely transform your home, adding some serious enhancement to the place you inhabit. But what sort of lighting details should you take into consideration when you’re planning on moving? What upgrades are needed to add value to your property, and which aren't necessary? Our Calgary lighting and electrical experts outline what you need to know.

The Basics

Here are some of the must-haves: these basics are necessary to keep your building safe, and looking presentable. The good news is, most of these fixes are inexpensive (and the ones that aren't are indispensable), so if you have a limited budget, make these changes first.

1. Make Sure Everything Is To Code

This one goes without saying, but ensure that your space is to code. Contact a licensed electrician to inspect the premises and make any necessary changes to your location.

2. Clean Your Light Fixtures

Dirty lamps are a safety hazard and an atmosphere killer at the best of times, but you really don’t want your prospective buyers to be put off by dingy, dim, or uneven looking lighting.

3. Replace Flickering Or Burnt-Out-Bulbs

Now is not the time to leave that one flickering bulb or fluorescent tube to save a little bit of trouble. Unfortunately, the appearance of a flickering bulb can give off the impression that space has been poorly maintained, and may leave prospective buyers wondering where other corners have been cut. 


The Extras

If you want to add serious value to your home, consider the following steps. However, before undertaking any extensive renovations, always discuss the costs and benefits with your realtor to ensure you will recoup the cost during the sale.

1. Repaint Like A Pro

If you’re able to repaint your home, many experts suggest light, neutral colours. This has the added bonus of reflecting the lighting and helping your space appear larger and more welcoming.

2. Focus On Key Areas

If you’re selling a home, the kitchen is a gathering area in the home, especially if your prospective buyers have children. Ensure that your kitchen has great task lighting, and if you can, invest in a neutral but stylish pendant lamp for above the kitchen table. If you have an office, ensuring workspaces have appropriate task lighting available is key, especially if your space is in a building with limited sunlight. 

3. Boost Curb Appeal

The way that your building looks from the street has a significant effect on the impression it makes on your potential buyers. Lighting is a key part of that, especially if your visitors will be dropping by to view your space after work during the dark winter months. First of all, ensure that any walkways are well lit. Additionally, if your space has a courtyard or backyard, the right lighting can highlight all of the possibilities for this space, be it a family backyard or the perfect area for clients or employees to relax during the summer months.

4. Get Eco-Friendly

Ask your realtor whether upgrading old fluorescent or incandescent fixtures would net you significantly more in your sale. It’s possible that a space with the most modern fixtures, as well as the promise of energy savings, could be a draw to buyers. If replacing the fixtures would be too costly, consider purchasing LED lights designed to fit in older fluorescent and incandescent features. 


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