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Planning a Home Theatre Installation

Watching movies in home theatre is a relaxing way to enjoy the magic of the big screen in the comfort of your own home. However, at Fluorescent Man, we know that many homeowners are reluctant to start building a home theatre because the project can seem daunting or overwhelming.

With the right planning, attaining your home theatre can be a breeze--maybe not as relaxing as watching your favourite films, but definitely stress-free. That’s why we’ve compiled a useful list of tips about planning a Calgary home theatre installation. Read on to learn planning tips that can help you sidestep equipment selection issues, design problems, or trouble with sound and lights.

Calgary Home Theatre Installation: Make A List Of Equipment

We definitely know that building a home theatre is an investment, and one of the most important features of a Calgary home theatre installation are the sound equipment and screen.

For this reason, it is a good idea to buy the best audiovisual equipment that you can: selecting high quality items will value and durability to your home theatre. At the same time, however, it is important to avoid overpaying for features that you don’t need.

  • If you don’t mind working with a longer timeline, starting with a TV or screen and upgrading your existing audio or visual equipment piece by piece can allow you to search for the most cost-effective options
  • If you are working with a smaller room, a sound bar can be a cost-effective and space-saving alternative to large speakers
  • Research the replacement and maintenance costs for your technology: for example, video projector light bulbs need to be replaced

Choose a Style For Your Home Theatre Installation

Calgary homes have a wide variety of styles, and there's no one-size-fits-all for home theatres. There are many options from classic styles that replicate the vintage feel of an old-fashioned movie theatre to home theatres that are sleek, minimalist, and modern. Match the style to the rest of your interior for a sense of cohesion, or choose something totally different to create an interesting and unique escape. 

  • Settling on a style of home theatre can help you decide how your equipment will be displayed as well as what types of furniture and storage equipment you will need
  • Custom cabinets and shelving are perfect for storing your electronics, allowing the room to appear sleek. Calgary handyman services are a simple way to ensure that that these services are installed properly

Prepare Your Home Theatre  Rooms For the Installation

Everyone prefers different levels of immersion for their home theatre system. Some enjoy gathering to watch a larger-than-life movie on a screen in their living room, while others prefer a complete movie-theatre experience with seating in rows. Whichever type of home theatre you decide to construct, it is important to make sure that the room can be darkened or soundproofed to the level you are looking for.

Whether you are constructing a multipurpose media room designed for gaming and listening to music, or a classic home theatre for movie watching only, custom lighting controls are a useful feature to install. They enable you to change the mood of the room for a classic movie-theatre feel, regardless of the room’s size or style.

A Calgary handyman service can help you with soundproofing: options can range from heavy drapes and carpeting to soundproof drywall.

If you are planning on creating a full home theatre, remember that soundproofing isn’t just to ensure that sound doesn’t disrupt your movie-watching experience: talk to your Calgary handyman service provider or home theatre installation professional about making sure sound from the movie doesn’t carry to other areas of the house.

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