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Interior Lighting Design & Installation

Picture the last room you were in that left a great impression on you. You can see the furnishings, the wall colours, and if you remember carefully, the lighting. In fact, if you think about it, installing the right interior lighting design can drastically improve the feel of almost any room.

Good lighting makes a major difference. All well-designed rooms should include well thought out interior lighting to create an appropriate ambience, support productivity or relaxation, and enhance safety.

We’ve seen many different renovation projects over the years for Calgary homes and businesses at Fluorescent Man Lighting, and every space has benefited from expert interior lighting installations.

What does it take to complete a quality interior lighting installation project? There are a few basics, including the following:

Assess your lighting needs

How will you use the intended space and what type of look and feel do you want to achieve? These considerations will help you develop a lighting design plan to install fixtures for optimal lighting when and where you need it.

A careful review of the functionality of the room will also help you focus on the areas that are a priority for interior lighting, allowing you to reduce costs and save time throughout the lighting installation project.

Select the right lighting products

There are so many excellent lighting products on the market, with options to suit every type of lighting need for residential and commercial interiors.

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, we offer a wide range of lighting products, including:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Decorative lights
  • Dental lamps
  • Digital displays
  • Directional signs
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit signs
  • High bay and low bay lights
  • Interior building lighting
  • Menu boards
  • Polyethylene signs
  • Refrigerator and freezer lights

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for lighting fixtures and products, especially if you are not sure which exact type of lighting solution will work best in your particular space. That’s why we recommend that you…

Choose an experienced lighting professional

An interior lighting expert can help you navigate through the multitude of available lighting products, showing you which lighting options will meet your specific needs and coordinating the details of the lighting installation.

Hiring a professional handyman will also give you peace of mind, as you know that the interior lighting in your home or business was installed according to all relevant codes and adheres to high safety standards.

Prepare a lighting maintenance plan

Once your interior lighting is installed, it’s a good idea to also develop a plan to maintain the lighting. You want to make sure that your lighting works as efficiently as possible and that any necessary lighting repairs are fixed immediately.

For these reasons, Fluorescent Man Lighting offers comprehensive lighting maintenance services, including a Monthly Service Program and On-Call Maintenance. We know how important it is to have safe, energy-efficient, and properly functioning lights!

Professional interior lighting can make such a difference in every type of space. It’s worth it to take the time to plan out your lighting needs, select the right lighting products, hire an experienced lighting professional, and maintain your lighting fixtures.

Calgary’s lighting and handyman experts at Fluorescent Man Lighting can help you at every step in the process of your interior lighting installation. To learn more about our services or request a quote on a specific project, call 403-863-8529.

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