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Common Winter Electrical Problems

The winter season brings more than just the cold, it also increases the likelihood of some common electrical issues. These issues are at best annoying but can also be downright dangerous.

Power Outages

Power outages are caused by snow storms, high winds, downed power lines or when there is too much demand placed on the grid. Outages can last for minutes, hours, days or weeks. Your home is vulnerable if it is not adequately protected, especially during the winter months. A power outage could leave you without heat, hot water or lighting so it's important to be prepared.

Breaker Trips

Winter is a demanding time for electricity in our climate. Aside from the additional load caused by Christmas lighting, we plug in our cars and the shorter days mean more lights. These all put a strain on our home (and business) electrical system.

One way to avoid annoying breaker issues is to increase the electrical power on your circuit to accommodate the additional load. This can easily be done by a qualified electrician and you’ll appreciate the benefits of having a stronger, more consistent current to power your appliances and electronics.

Static Electricity

We live in a relatively dry environment, which results in increased static electricity. Static electricity caused by dry winter air can become a problem, and even dangerous under certain conditions. The installation of a humidifier will make your home more comfortable and also minimize the risk of powerful shocks causing damage.

Outdated Equipment

Heating appliances (space heaters, electric blankets, etc) that are older than five years old are sometimes not compatible with a newer home’s electrical system. Older equipment on a newer electrical system can potentially start a fire and may need to be replaced.

Space Heaters

In Canada, space heaters cause a large number of house fires due to our long, cold winters. Some of the older space heater models require a lot of electricity and aren’t energy efficient. Space heaters should be plugged directly into the wall (no extension cords!) and at least a meter away from anything combustible, like curtains or furniture.

Like with many other things, maintenance is cheaper than repairs or replacement. Getting your home ready for the winter months should include a routine electrical inspection by a qualified electrician. This is definitely a time when you want to be safe rather than sorry.

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