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7 Ways to Keep Your Home Free of Electrical Hazards

Electricity has made our lives more enjoyable and convenient in many ways, but that doesn’t mean it comes without its risks.

From teaching your children good habits to investing in professional electrical repairs, being careful with your electrical wiring and outlets will:

  • lower your risk of home fires
  • protect your family from hazards such as electrical shocks
  • save you money on your monthly utility bills
  • enhance the efficiency of your home

Affordable and Quick Commercial and Residential Electrical Repair Services in Calgary

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our team is able to provide safe and quick commercial and residential electrical repair services to keep your home and business safe and running efficiently. From bucket truck services to lighting installation and repairs, we have the solution to your needs.

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Top 7 Electrical Safety Tips To Keep Your Home and Family Safe

We cannot live comfortably without electricity - it powers our homes, allows us access to entertainment, keeps us warm, and enables us to cook our meals quickly and easily. While it does make our lives more convenient, it can also be quite dangerous, especially when it’s not used properly.

To keep your home and family safe from any electric hazards, here are 7 safety tips you MUST follow:

1. Replace or repair any damaged electrical cords. Exposed wiring is a danger that you simply must never overlook. If you see that the protective coating on a wire has stripped away, make sure to cover or replace it as soon as possible.

2. Don’t overload your outlets. Every outlet is designed to deliver a certain amount of electricity. By plugging in too many devices at once, you could cause a small house fire or explosion.

3. Keep all your electrical equipment out of the bathrooms and away from water. Water conducts electricity, so even the slightest exposure to this dangerous mix can lead to injury, or worse. If you happen to be using an appliance near water, make sure to wipe up any spills to ensure that plugs don’t get wet.

4. Keep an eye on your plugs and sockets. You should always pay attention to the condition of your plugs and/or sockets. Any burnt or frayed wires on appliances will require a repair or replacement by a professional electrician. (7 Sure-Fire Signs You Need to Call an Electrician >)

5. Never allow electric wires to trail over kitchen appliances such as your stove top or toaster. This can be very dangerous and pose hazards of the worst kind.
Tip: NEVER touch the toaster with anything, especially with anything metal.

6. Protect your young children from electrical hazards. If you have small children, make sure to put tamper-resistant safety caps on all unused electrical outlets. In addition, all loose cords should be tidied up and put out of reach to avoid kids from playing with them.

7. Make it a habit to turn off all your appliances when they aren’t in use. Before going to bed, or travelling, make it a routine to check that all your electrical devices and appliances that aren’t in use are properly turned off.


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