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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opting for an LED Retrofit

Are you looking to upgrade your old and inefficient lighting system? Here’s everything you need to know about the comprehensive LED retrofit services at our Calgary lighting company and how our electricians can help you save money and become more environmentally conscious.

In today’s increasingly energy-conscious world, LED retrofitting has become a very popular option for Calgary home and business owners. This allows you to upgrade your existing lighting system so you can enjoy a brighter and more energy-efficient home without having to replace your existing fixtures! 

Some of the benefits of opting for an LED retrofit include: 

  • Reduced energy consumption 
  • Lower lighting maintenance and replacement costs 
  • Enhanced aesthetics of your home 
  • Boosted property value 
  • Improved safety 

One of the biggest benefits of opting for an LED lighting retrofit is that it requires no loud construction or special permitting. The team of certified electricians at our Calgary lighting company can work quickly, quietly, and safely to upgrade your lighting while ensuring that your daily routine is not disturbed. 

Quick and Affordable LED Retrofit Services at Our Calgary Lighting Company 

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our team of certified Calgary electrical contractors offers numerous interior and exterior lighting services including LED retrofits, maintenance programs, as well as bucket truck services, to ensure that all the light fixtures in your home and/or business are always functioning optimally. 

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Your Total Guide to an LED Retrofit: What You Need to Know 

An LED retrofit involves replacing some components of your existing lighting system with more advanced lighting technology. This is often done to improve the energy efficiency of your home and to reduce your carbon footprint. 

An Affordable Way to Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting System

A retrofit utilizes your existing lighting fixtures and upgrades them to accommodate LED technology. Because it is not a full system replacement, an LED retrofit offers homeowners a quick and affordable way to:

  • Improve their energy efficiency
  • Save money
  • Become more environmentally friendly

Our Calgary Electrical Contractors Can Provide Safe and Quick LED Retrofits 

LED retrofit projects require the right experience and tools to deliver excellent final results. Whether you are opting for this to improve the aesthetics of your home or maximize your energy savings, our team of certified electricians is well-equipped to help you. 

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Considering an LED Retrofit 

An LED retrofit is an excellent way for you to save money on your electricity bill, increase the value of your property, and lower your impact on the environment. However, before you opt for this service, there are certain questions you should ask yourself. 

This includes: 

  1. How much is your current electricity bill? 
  2. How much energy savings can you realistically gain from switching to LED lighting? 
  3. Are you looking to save time and money on your lighting maintenance? 
  4. Will your home benefit from the increased aesthetics, level of productivity, and safety that LED lighting can provide? 
  5. Are you interested in limiting your carbon footprint and going ‘green’? 
  6. Are you interested in an affordable and quick investment that will boost the value of your home? 
  7. Have you talked to your electrician about any local incentives or rebates that are available if you switch to LEDs? 

Opting for an LED retrofit is a quick and easy way to save money and ‘go green’ without investing in a total infrastructure overhaul. Our team of electricians can assess your existing fixtures to determine if this is the best way for you to take advantage of the LED’s excellent energy-saving properties. 

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Q: How long do LED lights last?
One of the biggest benefits of opting for LED lights is their long lifespan, which can be up to 50,000 hours. This is approximately 25 times longer than halogen lights, eight times longer than a typical CFL, and 50 times longer than an incandescent light! 

Q: Where can LED lights be used?
LED lights can be used almost anywhere! Some of the most common areas in the home include the kitchen, living areas, porch, and other outdoor areas. LED lights are also excellent for warehouses and commercial exterior signs. 

Q: Are LEDs more expensive than other types of bulbs?
LED is still a new technology, which means that they are slightly more expensive than other types of bulbs. However, in the past few years, the pricing of LEDs has dropped dramatically. You should also consider that given the energy efficiency and long life span of LEDs, you’ll end up saving money over the life of the bulb. 

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