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5 Commercial Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

Choosing the right type of outdoor lighting for your business is crucial to saving energy costs & attracting new clients. From LED lighting to signage, this is how FML can help you get the most out of your commercial exterior lights. 

Despite its importance, exterior lighting is an often overlooked and underappreciated aspect of Calgary businesses. Taking the time to carefully consider this aspect of your company and ensuring you have the right type of commercial lighting is critical and can affect your organization’s:

  • Employee productivity
  • Security
  • Sales
  • Energy and overall costs

Affordable LED Lighting & Commercial LED Retrofits in Calgary

At FML, we understand just how important the right lighting is for your business. From bucket truck services to LED retrofits and lighting repairs, our professional team has the equipment and expertise to suit all your unique lighting needs.

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5 Reasons Why Calgary Businesses Should Switch to LED Lighting

Lighting and energy costs account for a large portion of maintenance expenses and operating budgets. While CFLs have offered a great alternative to incandescent bulbs, LED lighting has now become a more popular choice.

While it may come with an initial higher cost, LED lighting is a beneficial long-term investment for your company because it offers additional savings in multiple ways.

Here is why a LED lighting installation or retrofit will pay off for your business:

1. Enhanced Working Conditions

Traditional lighting fixtures often emit a very harsh light and tend to hum when operating. This can significantly wear on worker energy levels and cause a decrease in worker productivity. On the other hand:

  • LED lighting is virtually silent when installed correctly.
  • It also comes in cool lighting shades, making it a better and more comfortable choice for your office, warehouse, or another facility.

Benefits: If you switch to LED lighting, you will see a marked improvement in employee productivity, which will help maximize payroll hours.

Buying The Right Lighting Parts


2. Better Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is very important to ensure the safety and security of your property and customers and nothing beats LED lighting for this purpose. LED lights are durable and climate resistant and when you opt for them, you can rest assured that your exterior lights will always function as good as new, even in the most frigid outdoor temperatures.

Protect Your Lights In The Winter


3. Increased Energy Efficiency

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to their energy-saving qualities. While they may cost more upfront than an incandescent bulb, they require 80% less energy to operate AND emit the same amount of light.

Benefits: The initial cost will pay off in the first few utility bills and you’ll continue to save your bottom line over the years.


4. Suitable For All Lighting Needs

Whatever your business type or your facility’s lighting needs, there is an LED solution for you! This is because LED lighting comes in a wide range of:

  • Colour temperatures
  • Hour life ratings
  • Shapes and sizes

Benefits: Many LED lighting products are dimmable, making them an excellent choice for decorative lighting and industrial applications alike.


5. Consistent Lighting Quality

If you opt for LED lighting, you can have the peace of mind known that the colour and brightness that your bulb emits will be the same from the first time you turn it on, until it expires. Unlike other lights:

  • LED doesn’t require a warm-up period when switched on
  • Never flicker over time
  • LEDs will keep your facility consistently illuminated
  • LED lights are unaffected by rapid cycling

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