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4 Home Lighting Tricks to Consider When Decorating Your Home

Did you know that lighting has the power to transform or define a space? Carefully selected home lighting can ensure the owner’s unique personality is expressed at the same time as complimenting important details in the room such as intricate walls and luxurious furniture. You may have prematurely returned the questionable couch, when really, it could have just been bad lighting that was outdating the room. As you begin to design the interior of your new home, there are several home lighting concepts you may want to keep in mind if you want to bring out the best and brightest in your rooms.

Never block natural light

Naturally lit rooms simultaneously raise spirits and lower energy bills, so it is essential to take full advantage of the sun's rays pouring in through those big, beautiful windows.  Unfortunately, many Canadians get so caught up in installing heavy curtains for the winter that they forget to utilize natural light during the spring and summer out of habit of using unnecessary light fixtures. Poorly placed furniture can also block natural light, casting black shadows across a room. On the contrary, if you are finding that your home lacks a certain degree of sunshine, there are light fixtures such as recess lights, that can help to enhance those darker rooms.

Fit for Function

Effective home lighting requires varying levels of light which can fulfill different functions.  The trick is to ask yourself, how do I want to use this space? If you want to create a productive work or office space, adding task lighting such as floor and table lamps at your desk will help avoid straining your eyes. Alternatively, only installing can-lights in your bedroom won’t offer that cozy quality bedside lamps can provide. Decide what the room is used for and THEN choose the lighting. 

Don’t forget dimmers

Dimmer switches are the best keep secret of lighting design because they allow for better user control from day to night, to compliment various events and reflect your mood.  They offer the soft, dim ambience required for a quaint dinner party or the bright, general lighting you may require on a daily basis.

Pick the right fixtures

This is an all-too common mistake amongst new home-owners.  A couple of placement mistakes we often see are awkwardly small chandeliers over hanging large dining tables or oversized lamps on tables near the sofa - making the room look disproportionate and poorly designed.

Your home is where you spend most of your quality time so make sure to light it up accordingly, to improve ambience and comfort. Bring out its best features with these top home lighting tips from our team at Flourescent Man.  

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