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4 Common Electrical Problems in Old Homes

Do you have an old home? While such places are often filled with charm, they also come with their fair share of electrical problems. Learn about the most common issues and how our residential electrical repair services can keep your house and family safe. 

Is electrical wiring important? While this may sound like an obvious question, it simply cannot be underestimated. Electricity is more than just important: it’s a vital and necessary part of our everyday lives. When installed properly, an electrical system will:

  • power important appliances such as our fridges, TVs, and computers
  • heat and cool your home efficiently to keep you comfortable
  • power alarm systems and keep you and your family safe
  • allow you to enjoy good lighting for your home

Yet despite its importance, many Calgarians often take their electrical wiring for granted. When correctly installed, such a system can provide years of service but when problems arise, it’s crucial to invest in residential electrical repairs to keep your family safe.


Commercial and Residential Electrical Repairs in Calgary

At FM Lighting, our team of electricians can be contracted to provide affordable, convenient, and efficient commercial and residential electrical repair services in Calgary. Whether you’re suffering from a wiring problem, or require a simple installation, we have the expertise and equipment to get the job done quickly and safely.

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Electrical Services


Older Homes and Electrical Wiring

There is a lot to be said about the beauty and charm of older homes. They come with a rich history and are pillars of a neighbourhood’s sense of community. However, they can also feature outdated wiring systems that could pose a serious danger to you and your family.

Not having a modern and updated wiring system can cause some real hazards such as:

  • home fires
  • increased risk of electric shocks
  • expensive utility bills
  • damaged electronics and appliances

If you do own an old home with an outdated wiring system and electrical outlets, then it may be time to invest in some residential electrical repair and replacement services to ensure your home is kept hazard-free.

Outlet Upgrades


How Much Power Do I Need in My Home?

As can be expected, modern homes use a lot more power than homes did many years ago and today, they require approximately 200 amps of electricity when they used to need only 60 amps. This is largely because modern appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, dryers and HVAC systems can take a toll on your electric system.

How Will I Know If My Home Has Enough Electricity?

The best way to tell if your home is wired correctly is to contact a certified electrician. While you may have noticed tell-tale signs that your electrical system isn’t performing optimally, a trained professional can perform a complete audit of your system, which includes an inspection of:

  • all electrical connections in your home
  • the service capacity of your home
  • your circuit breakers, fuses, and other control systems
  • your outlets
  • the wiring in your home

Your electrician will note any issues related to the integrity of these components such as any loose connections, moisture issues, or worn-out material, and make suggestions on how to repair and replace these damaged components to keep your family safe.


How Much Do Residential Electrical Repairs Cost?

If your electrician recommends that you need to have the wiring in your home repaired or replaced, your first question will most likely be: how much will that cost? The answer will vary from home to home and depends on several factors, including:

  • the age of your home
  • the size of your home
  • how easily the old wiring can be pulled out and new wiring installed.
  • the cost of any associated renovations
  • the electrician’s level of experience


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