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3 Main Benefits Of LED Retrofits

Retrofitting is the addition of new technology components and accessories that were not installed or available to the original construction of your property or home. With recent advancements in lighting technology, LED retrofits are becoming a common and affordable way to upgrade your existing lighting system. Retrofitting provides a quick and convenient way to upgrade your current setup without having to bear the extra costs of replacing all of your light fixtures entirely. LED lights will also help you save money on electrical bills since they consume significantly less power than compared to standard incandescent lights.


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Affordable LED Retrofit In Calgary 

One of the main benefits of LED retrofitting is that it is not as costly as a full replacement of your lighting system. At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our team of certified Calgary electric contractors offers numerous lighting services such as LED retrofitting, lighting repairs, and bucket truck services that can meet all of your lighting needs. 

3 Main Benefits Of LED Retrofitting

There are many benefits to switching to LED light systems that can improve the efficiency of your lighting solutions as well as save you costs that come with traditional lighting solutions such as fluorescent lighting. Here are a few of the benefits of retrofitting your property with LED lighting solutions:

Longer Lifespan

The expected lifespan of LED lights is 50,000 hours whereas the lifespan of fluorescent lights is only 9,000 hours. LED lights will require less maintenance and replacement which will help you keep that extra cash in your pocket.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

LED lights consume one-third of the power conventional fluorescent lights do because they require less heat to produce the same amount of light. LEDs will help you save money on the electrical bills and offer more variety of color temperatures suited for your unique needs and preferences.

Improved Lighting Quality

Light emitted from LEDs is very similar to natural lighting which allows objects to look as if they would in the daylight without any yellow tint or hues. The amount of light that eliminates spaces and objects is likely to be much higher for a given power rating than with fluorescent lights as well.

The LED Lighting Retrofitting Process

Analysis of your current system

Every lighting operation is unique for every home and business and requires different needs and preferences. It is important that a retrofitter comes to analyze your existing lighting system to see what areas may need improvement, what areas are wasting energy and find underperforming elements.

Detailed proposal

Before moving forward with a retrofitter, it is important to discuss costs, product selection, and lists of possible improvements that can be made for your property.


Once a walkthrough is complete and your proposal is approved, it will be time to install your new lighting. Retrofits can include improvements such as timers, dimmers, occupancy sensors, and much more energy-saving technologies. Discuss these options with your retrofit expert to see which options are beneficial for your lighting needs.


Our Calgary Electricians and Lighting Experts Can Help With Your LED Retrofit Needs

Do you want to enhance your business or home lighting solutions but don't know where to start?  Fluorescent Man Lighting has a team of fully licensed electricians that have the training and equipment to meet all of your lighting needs. Learn more about our retrofitting solutions and how you can benefit by calling (403)-863-8529 or by filling out our online contact form to get in touch with one of our team members.



What is LED retrofitting?

If you are looking to upgrade your lighting system but do not want to spend significant amounts of money on new light fixtures, LED retrofitting is the perfect solution. LED retrofitting results in high energy savings without the cost of replacing all of your light fixtures. To learn more about Calgary LED retrofitting services, contact our team of experts at Fluorescent Man Lighting by calling (403)-863-8529 or by filling out our online contact form.

How long do LED lights last?

Standard LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours while advanced LED lights can last up to 90,000 hours.

Can LED lights have dimming features?

Yes, modern LED light technology is indeed dimmable. Always double-check that your LED light is compatible with a dimmer and check to see what type of dimmer it is compatible with as some LED fixtures require specific types of dimmers

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