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9 Lighting Tips to Improve The Security of Your Home

Are you looking to enhance your home security with lighting? Here are some top tips from our Calgary lighting specialist on how to improve the safety of your property using the right type of lighting.


No one likes a dark house, except for perhaps criminals and burglars. If you are looking to reduce the potential for any criminal activity, whether at home or in a commercial space, simple lighting improvements can do the trick! 

This can include installing: 

  • Security floodlights
  • Wall-light fixtures
  • Motion sensor lights 
  • Battery operated lights in places where electrical wiring isn’t available 

Quality and Affordable Residential and Commercial Lighting Services in Calgary 

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our team of highly experienced lighting specialists provide high quality and affordable residential and commercial lighting services, including outdoor sign repair, industrial lighting installation, LED retrofits, and more, to meet all your unique lighting needs. 

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How to Improve Your Home Security Using Lighting: Tips From Our Calgary Lighting Specialist 

Did you know that the best home security lighting isn’t just about having really bright lights? Instead, it is about ensuring uniformity in your illumination and reducing the number of dark areas in your yard and around your home. 

Here are some simple tips from our Calgary lighting specialist on how to use lighting to increase the security both inside and outside your home. 

  1. Use garden lights with motion detectors. Make sure to place these at strategic points around the perimeter of your home for maximum efficiency. 
  2. Consider installing dual floodlights with motion sensors. Do this on all sides of your home. They will automatically come on when any nearby movement is detected, acting as an excellent deterrent for would-be thieves. 
  3. Use in-wall timers on your outside lighting. Make sure to set these from dusk to dawn. Talk to your lighting specialist about using photocell controls on your exterior lights. This will automatically turn the lights on at dusk and turn them off at dawn, when sunlight returns. 
  4. Keep your landscape lighting on. If you have landscape lighting, make sure to keep these on from dusk to dawn. (4 Reasons to Invest in Exterior Home Lighting >)
  5. Use LED light bulbs to lower your costs. To minimize the cost of electricity and the time required to replace any burned-out bulbs, consider using LED light bulbs in any outside security lights that will be left on for the entire night. (Save Money On Your Exterior Lighting With an LED Retrofit >)
  6. Don’t forget to light up the back of your home. This is especially important if you have a big garden or woods in your backyard. Make sure to provide illumination to any areas where intruders can hide from view. 
  7. Use Battery-Operated LED lights. Are there any obvious hiding spots in your home? Make sure to use battery-operated LED lights where there is no electrical wiring to illuminate such spaces. 
  8. Fully enclose your decorative outdoor light fixtures. Many Calgary homeowners have decorative light fixtures around the front entryway of the home, and the garage. Make sure that these lights, if they can be easily reached from the ground, are fully enclosed and cannot be easily removed. 
  9. Use a timer. When you are away on vacation, make sure to use timers on your indoor lights in several rooms. Set it so that different lights turn on and off at different times, which makes it appear as if someone is home. 

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