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5 Reasons You Should Hire an Electrical Contractor For Your Kitchen Lighting Needs

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Are you looking to upgrade the electrical wiring in your kitchen? To avoid serious injury or potential death, it’s important to work with a professional electrical contractor who can perform the job safely.

Electric shock is a frequent and dangerous cause of kitchen injuries. Combined with wet floors and surfaces, wet food preparations, and dishwashing equipment, electricity in this space can pose a serious hazard to you or your loved ones.

The following hazards can cause electric shocks in the kitchen:

  • Damaged or worn electrical cords
  • Equipment or appliances with improper or faulty wiring
  • Using a dripping wet cloth near sources of electricity
  • Using wet hands to handle cords or wires

Registered and Professional Electrical Contractors in Calgary

At Fluorescent Man Lighting, our team of professional and experienced electrical contractors have the equipment and expertise to keep the lighting in your home or business safe and running efficiently. From bucket truck services to lighting installation and repairs, we have the solution to your needs.

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5 Benefits of Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Whether you are looking to repair your existing electrical wiring, or you want to give electrical supply to a new house, it’s never advisable to carry out any electrical jobs on your own. You should always remember that electricity handling is a specialized industry, and requires specialized personnel.

Professional electrical contractors offer you quality commercial and residential electrical installation, repair and maintenance services.

In addition, you will also enjoy important benefits, such as:

  1. Liability in case anything goes wrong. If you are repairing the electrical wiring in your home and the technician gets injured on the job, or the task causes damage to your property, who is going to be responsible for the extra expenditure? The best way to ensure you aren’t liable for compensation is by hiring a licensed electrical contractor.

  2. Electrical contractors follow safety codes. Licensed electricians follow safety regulations, no matter what the job, ensuring your safety and igniting a sense of well-being in your home and/or office.

  3. They know all the latest technologies. Licensed electricians will take regular classes to keep themselves updated with current technologies. They’ll know the current safety issues and how to deal with them and are bound to follow the safety guidelines set up by the government.

  4. You’ll get it right the first time. Professional contractors are trained in installing, handling, and maintaining a wide range of electrical systems. They are capable of correctly diagnosing and correcting a problem swiftly, and preventing any recurring problems, saving you time, energy, and money.

  5. Access to the right tools and equipment. Many electrical issues in the home require specialized expertise and equipment. A licensed professional has access to the top-quality tools you’d require to fix a fault. This decreases the possibility of damage and reduces the time taken to repair the issue.

  6. Enhanced home safety. As an electrician works on your home following safety practices and guidelines, they greatly reduce the risk of accidental damage done to your property. They can also suggest how to keep your property more safe and secure.

  7. Surety bond. Licensed electricians are required to place a surety bond, ensuring that you’re paid a predetermined sum of money in case the technician fails to complete the job. This means that either you get a job perfectly done, or you get compensation for the inconvenience caused to you.

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“​Hey Nigel, just thought I would let you know our electricity averaged around $630/month before the upgrade, compared with the September bill that we just got of only $370 – much better savings than we thought. The condo board members are extremely pleased!”​


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