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4 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office a More Productive Space

Do you work at home? Are you looking for lighting that will upgrade your home office and boost your productivity? Here are 4 simple interior lighting design tips for your home office from our Calgary electrician. 

When picking out the lights for your home, you must understand which type of lighting will work best in each of your rooms. Why? Good interior lighting design is a key element of your home and the better this is understood, the easier it will be to boost the value of your home. ``

In fact, interior lighting design can make or break the overall aesthetic of your house because it can: 

  • Affect the mood of the residents and guests
  • Alter how the size of a room is perceived
  • Make a room seem more inviting
  • Protect you from injuries and/or falls

Do You Need Interior Lighting Design Services? The Electricians at our Calgary Lighting Company Can Help! 

At our Calgary Lighting Company, our trained electricians have years of experience and expertise and are able to consult you on how your rooms should be illuminated. We can help design and install custom lighting solutions to boost the value of your home. 

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4 Interior Lighting Design Tips For Your Home Office 

Today, more than ever, especially during this difficult time, more and more Calgarians are working from home. If you have set up a home office, it’s important to get your home office lighting right. This will not only boost your productivity, but it will also help you avoid problems such as eye strain and headaches. 

1. Make the Most of Natural Light

The best commercial office designs tend to include large windows or skylights that will bring as much daylight to the desks and occupants - and your home office should be no different. 

Windows provide views of the outdoors and they allow in a lot of natural light which can: 

  • Reduce eyestrain
  • Make your work environment more enjoyable
  • Boost your productivity
  • Lower your home lighting costs

Pro Tip: While natural light can reduce eye strain, it can also cause issues with glare. Consider adding window shades to filter the light and add an anti-glare film to your computer screen to reduce any glare from the sun. 

2. Add Task Lighting 

When we are working, we need directed light to help us see what we are doing more clearly, and this is known as task lighting. Some of the things you may want to consider doing include: 

  • Use adjustable table lamps to bring the light where you need it most
  • Consider under-cabinet or recessed lighting to brighten desk alcoves

Pro Tip: If you have a desk with floating shelves, consider adding LED strip lights to the bottom as they can illuminate the desktop and your work.

3. Be Versatile 

Spending many hours in a static lighting environment can be harmful to your health and it can mess up your circadian rhythm. We require lighting environments that change - for example, you need more light in the mornings and less in the evenings, so why not add lighting that adapts to your needs and changes based on the time of day? 

Pro Tip: Having multiple layers of light, including indirect light and task lighting, as well as dimmers, can help you customize your lighting environment. 

4. Make Your Space Comfortable 

Just because you’re using your home office for work, that doesn’t mean it has to be cold and sterile. A home office needs to be comfortable, and proper lighting is key to setting the scene for a relaxing work environment. 

Pro Tip: Accent lights, lamps, pendants, and wall sconces can improve a room’s mood and comfort level and provide you with a warm glow. 

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